ON MARCH 21, 1972 AT 7:40 PM


“My children, I am Saint John Vianney and I speak through this child tonight to bring Heaven closer to you.  I speak to show you the Beauty that is Here and to tell you about the Love that is Here.  As I stand Here in the Heavens, God has asked Me to share with you some things that will help you the rest of your days.

First of all, do not omit the Sacrament of Penance from your life.  Do not allow scruples to keep you away from this Sacrament that God loves so much.  Do not allow yourselves to be drawn away from the things that God is teaching through this beloved Sacrament, for you see, My children, man is diminishing the Sacrament.  He says, ‘It is not necessary,’ but this is satan’s way of drawing you to him, for you see, when you do not accept the Sacrament of Penance, you do not accept forgiveness, and pride builds up, My children.

So keep this in mind, for when you kneel and say, ‘Please, God, forgive my sins, make me whole again, help me to be pure,’ this, My children, is the way to Here Where I am.  And satan says, ‘Be so prideful that you do not need the Sacraments.’ Satan says, ‘Why should you kneel, asking forgiveness?’ and satan says, ‘Do not bend to another man but go your way and allow yourselves the beauty of the physical.’ But God says, ‘Oh child, be humble in My Way.  Ask My Forgiveness and I will say, “I forgive you, child, in My Way.”’

I bless you with My Priestly Blessing and I say, ‘Do not let scruples draw you from God, but let your humility bring you closer to Him.’  So be it.”

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