ON MARCH 21, 1972 AT 7:47 PM


“I share many things with this child on this night.  I share sadness, I share sorrow, for I, too, walked the way she must walk in your sight.  I am Saint Bernadette.

As I stand Here in the Heavens and I look back on time, what I had to face was truly mankind.  And when I stood before a certain man and I said, ‘I speak the truth,’ this man was aware that I did, and that my way would bear much fruit.  There are many things you have heard about My Way.  Not all facets of it come your way, for many men distorted many things, and so it is for this child who faces you today.

Man has a difficult time accepting truth, for man has not developed a love for it.  Man has become so used to following what he feels is good.  This is not always truth, and man has a way of taking truth and making it fit the occasion of the situation or the personality in view.  I, Saint Bernadette, come to you on this night and I say, ‘As I stood in truth, this child also does, in front of you.’ And as I use her vocal cords, her physical to speak to you, I will teach to you through her.

All through time man has fought heresy, and man has made decisions regarding others’ lives.  God has given man the true way to Him.  God has given man the formula to be a Saint.  It is man who has rejected this formula.  The formula is this:  First, obey the Ten Commandments, for They were given to men of all kinds, all races, all creeds, and in obedience to These you will be on firm ground and you will be able to accept truth.

The next thing, My children, is prayer.  And each of you ask yourselves on this night:  Have you prayed today?  How much have you prayed?  How deeply have you prayed and how much Faith did you use when you did?  Some of you will have to say you did not pray today.  Some of you will have to say you were too busy to pray today, and some of you will make excuses far beyond the amount you would make on other things.  Ask yourselves, did you think today of the Soul you have?  Many of you did not.  This should be an everyday thought with each of you.  Ask yourselves if today you were kind when others were not?  Ask yourselves if today you looked to Heaven to help you make decisions, or did you depend solely on yourself?

The third thing, My children, and very special to God, is:  Did you receive The Holy Eucharist, the Ultimate Gift from Him?  If you did not, please think of this, and on the morrow ask yourself, if you do not, why not?  And you will find again just excuse, for you see, the Ultimate Gift was given to man by The Holy Trinity, and the Ultimate Gift awaits each man each day, to partake of It.

And now I say, ‘Through all the Visions that have occurred throughout the world, The Beloved Heavenly Mother has requested the Holy Rosary to be said by you.  Have you complied with Her Request, or have you denied Her this prayer from you?’ The prayer is one of great beauty.  The prayer says much, My children.  The prayer says first, that you believe in God Almighty, and then the prayer goes on to say the prayer God gave to The Son one day: ‘Our Father, Who art in Heaven.’ This, My children, is recognition of your Creator.

And then the prayer goes on to say, ‘Please, God, give me Faith, Hope and Charity today.’ Without Faith, My children, you can be lost; without Hope, you have nothing to cling to; and without Charity, there is no joy in your way.  And then, when you meditate on Special Events God gave you, you think about them, and you remember the Importance of your life and how God truly loves you.  And so, as I have given you the formula, I ask you now, ‘What will you do?’

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘Carry the formula with you every day, for when you do, you will grow in love with God.  And, as you grow in love with Him, keep this in mind:  He will help you all the way.’  So be it.”

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