ON MARCH 22, 1972 AT 11:16 AM


“Man spends much time deciding on material things, what shall he choose, what shall he pick, and the color and the scheme, and man says, ‘These are important to me, God, for You see, You have given them to me and I must display them in the proper way and in a way most advantageous to me.’

I am Padre Pio.  As I smile upon you on this day, I say, ‘My children, I am a Saint Here in the Heavens, because of God’s Will, God’s Way, because of God’s Generosity, because of God’s Justice,’ and I say to you on this day, ‘You, too, can be a Saint Here in the Heavens, Where I am to stay.’

Be aware of the power of prayer, be aware of The Holy Eucharist, My children; and be aware of the power of the Holy Rosary, and as you do each day, say it with love, say it with devotion, and when you do, God will come your way, for you see, the power of prayer, the love of prayer and devotion to it, will make you a Saint.  So be it.”

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