ON MARCH 22, 1972 AT 7:41 PM


“My children, I am Saint Felicitas.  Many of you do not recognize My Name, but as I stand Here in Heaven, it is God’s Will I speak to you on this night.  I come to let you know that All Heaven is alerted to the perpetuation of This Miracle that God has bestowed upon the world, in the world, to make known to all mankind the Beauty of a Saint.  Through This Miracle you are given the Purpose of life, and the Way to come Here one day Where We are.

Through This Miracle of Hope, This Miracle of Love, many children are alerted to the evil way, for so many times, in the day of now, you take many chances with your life.  Man puts much emphasis on the physical way, and ask yourself on this night, how much emphasis you put on the Spiritual life.  Ask yourself on this night:  Have you prayed today, or have you just acted your way?

There are many things for you to do in the world you live in today.  One of them is to release Souls from Purgatory through the form of prayer.  Ask yourself, if, on this night, you were planning to say the Holy Rosary that Our Lady loves so much.  The Heavenly Father says, ‘Tell them, My Child, to pray the Beads of Hope, to pray the Beads of Love,’ for you see, My children, these Beads are the hope of Purgatory.  Children who leave the physical world and must spend time in this place, sometimes raise the Beads to Her and say, ‘Please, Blessed Mother, have a child say these Beads for me today.’ The child cannot say the Beads himself, but you, My children, can.  Keep this in mind.  And sometimes The Heavenly Mother has to say, ‘All right, My child, five more and then you will be released one day.’

And so, My children, when a child lives in this way — in hope, you can see now why the Beads you must say are important to The Heavenly Mother in Her Way.  Children do not know the importance of the Beads; they are not taught the importance of this way.  So, as you leave this home tonight, keep this in mind, My children, that the Souls in Purgatory cling to hope.  They cling to the Beads that only you can say.  So be it.”

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