ON MARCH 22, 1972 AT 7:44 PM


“My beloved sons and My beloved daughters, My Name is Martha and I come to you on this night at the Request of The Beloved God.  At this moment children are working diligently to help life:  some of them are working in a manner others cannot; some of them are in the form of teaching; some of them are caring for the physical life, and some of them are helping the little ones in the physical way in eating.

When man is born into the world, he is dependent upon man.  This is the way The Father Willed it, for you see, God gave man the responsibility to care for other men, and in doing this, He said, ‘You must learn to care as I care, you must learn to do as I have done, and you must learn to share.’ An animal does not share the burden of the prey, but man is given this love from God to share the physical way.  Man’s way upon the earth is a great one, and God says, ‘As you learn to share, you learn to serve, and this is how I want you to be, to serve Me in the physical way.’

As I stand Here in the Heavens, there are Many Saints around, All ready to speak through this child who sits with many crowds; and as We speak We understand each heart, each mind present.  We see each Soul before Us and We say: ‘As you gather in a room of the physical way, the Glow of your Soul is brighter than the light of your day.  It is important to God that you help this Soul grow in brightness, and as you do, greater Sainthood is given to you.’

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘The Words I have spoken to you on this night are Words of Wisdom, God’s Way; Words of Truth His Way, and Words of Love, for you see, I walked the human way.’  So be it.”

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