ON MARCH 23, 1972 AT 7:35 PM


“My children, I have been requested by God to come at this moment to all here present with this child.  I am your Heavenly Mother.  I will not give the child a Vision in your sight now, for if I did you would not listen to My Words that I want you to hear, I want you to obey, I want you to love, I want you to respect, I want you to follow.

The world on which you live, in which you take a great part, it is sadness to Here.  The Heavenly Father is much disturbed over the sins, the hate, the wickedness, the evil that is all around, that you partake in when you deny obedience to God, when you reject the beauty of prayer.

Oh, My children, each day your Beloved Father waits for you upon the Altar of Hope, the Altar of Sacrifice, the Altar of Love.  How many here in the child’s presence now, denied themselves today, the Strength It is, the Courage It is, the Love It is, the Beauty It is, the Hope It is, the Magnitude It is?  Are you one of these?  When you stand before The Heavenly God, oh, My children, He will have weighed all things, and He will Judge you on your love for Him and how you served with the physical way you lived.  I cannot bear to have children stray from Him.

I speak through this child because I love each one here in My Presence now.  I love you so much that through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph I request often to keep in touch.  As you walk your daily way, others you meet, others you touch, do not always love God in a special way.  So you, My children, must be example for each of them, and you must learn to practice what God wants.

I speak to you from the Realm of Heaven, for if I appeared in your vision now, the vision would only last a short time.  But through this child My Words will live on, for I know Each Word is being taken down man’s way, to refresh men’s thinking, to give man hope Our Way.  Heaven is a Gentle Place, this is true, but The Father is firm in what He wants for you, and He says to you on this night, ‘Be sure, My children, you fight for truth and do not deny the evil that is all around.’

In your midst God placed a child, and through this child a Miracle of such Greatness that you cannot understand or know the fullness of It.  But if, at this moment, I were to say, ‘I will give you life for every day,’ what would you say?  You would want it, I know; and that is what I have come to you to do on this night.  I give you life, I give you hope, and now I will give you the way for it, to it.

Do not let others drag you down to evil ways, and do not allow others to rob you of the beauty of each day; and do not let others tear you apart so much that you forget that God made you, and you forget to keep in touch.  Anything that man can do is only temporary.  God is Eternal.  Keep this in mind.  So, the problems of your day and your way are only temporary, for only God can help you, and only God can live with you for all time.  No man has this right, this power.  So please, keep this in mind.

Oh, My children, as I speak to you, I speak with the Wisdom of God and I speak in firmness too, for a mother that loves her children will do this, for she wants them to hear what she does say, she wants them to follow the beauty of this way, and she wants them to be with God one day.  God placed man upon the earth so one day man would enjoy Heaven with Him.  And now the evil one is saying: ‘There is no Hell.  There is no Purgatory.  And Heaven, who knows about that?’ Please, My children, Heaven is Real, God is Real, and God is All Power.  Remember that.

Man will not remain on the earth, nor will any material thing.  Nothing lasts forever, only God, and one more thing:  Sainthood, children, His Gift to you, His Goal for your life in the physical.  Keep this in mind.  Begin tonight to desire to be a Saint, but walk the path in obedience to God.  Keep prayer first, above all things, for when you do, you will grow so in love with Him that you will desire to forever live with Him.

Keep in mind, My children, the Beauty of The Holy Eucharist, the Power that It is.  Men now are diminishing this Great Gift from God.  They are trying much to eliminate It.  Do not be a part of this, for This, My children, is God’s Gift to you, and this is where the evil one is attacking, straight to you, for if he can eliminate this Great Gift of God from the world, man will become so weak, man will become in such turmoil that man will not be able to stand to fight against the evil one, and this is what he’s doing, children.  Please, My little ones, do not desecrate this Great Gift and do not let others diminish It, for if you do you will be lost without It.

I bless you with My Rosary, the prayer that says hope to the Souls in Purgatory.  I bless you, first with the Crucifix, for this is the part of it that saved you, that opened up Eternity with God for you.  I bless you with My Beads and I say, ‘Honor Me this way and I will never forget it, for as you do, Grace is given to you.  And when the Souls are released from Purgatory through the Beads that you do say, I multiply the love for you, for you see, you can bring Souls This Way.’  So be it, My loved ones, for now.”

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