ON MARCH 24, 1972 AT 11:15 AM


“My beloved children, if I thought it would save mankind, I would appear in the world for all men to see a Grand Vision of Me.  It would serve a great purpose, but it is not the answer at this time.  I, your Mother, speak to you in Full Truth from The Divine. The child now sees Me as I Will her to see Me, and I stand upon the world you are in.  You are a part of this place and I am ever ready to protect it.

I encircle this world with My Holy Rosary for it is the greatest protection man has.  Men are not learning these Beads and the value of them.  Men are not seeing them for the beauty they are, the truth they are, the lesson they are.  Man is only looking upon them as a monotonous prayer.  What mother does not love to hear a child say nice things to her?  And when My children say, ‘Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with You,’ you see, My children, this means the child recognizes God’s Love for Me, God’s Closeness to Me; and when a child says, ‘Holy Mary, Mother of God,’ here again, the child recognizes the Oneness We are, the Togetherness We have, and the Power of God, for if it was not for Him, I would not be in this Place, I would not be your Mother as I was His.

So many children gather with high hopes of saying this prayer and they become discouraged when others do not share.  When I say to all mankind, ‘Be example so others will latch on to the idea, to the beauty it is,’ men, when they become disappointed when they cannot lead others, they immediately give up.  This cannot be, for to stand in full love, in full truth, you must continue, you must persevere in it.  And so I say to you, ‘If you kneel alone, do this:  Others will join you if you ask them to.’ So many children are not being asked, for discouragement comes when some refuse.  This must cease.  I want the world to be dedicated to the Holy Rosary, for it is the protection man needs.

I use this child spontaneously, and she is obedient to Our Way.  The Words that you hear now come to you from Me, through her, the speaker of your day; her voice, not loud in volume, but through her voice many men will come Our Way.

My children, I stand in the world, I stand upon it, I stand above it.  I am ever ready to hear what you have to say, but keep in mind this:  I expect you to pray, for through your prayers you will give others strength, you will give hope, for you see, the example you show is a gift to others they cannot know.

If The Divine Son, Who was My Son upon the earth, became discouraged when men did not agree with His Words, where would We all be today?  Heaven would not have opened.  Is this not so?  So persevere, My children, in God’s Will and in obedience to Him.  Persevere in serving Him.  Persevere in being example for Him, and I will gather you around My skirt and We will walk the physical life together, for you see, as I once walked in the way of man, I walk now in the Heavens Here, and I gather children around Me to lead others to the Feet of God.

I say to you on this day, ‘Continue to persevere through The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, for in the Heavens Here, We All honor Him, We All love Him, and We All participate in God’s Will for Him.’

I bless you with God’s Love first, and then I bless you with My Heart, and I bless you with the Light that shines through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph.  So be it.”

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