ON APRIL 4, 1972 AT 5:45 PM


“My beloved children, I am your Heavenly Mother, and it is true, satan works very hard for Me to not speak to you.  My Way on earth in your time is to appear in visual sight to a certain few.  This Miracle through Which I come is The Miracle of The Beloved Son, Saint Joseph, Who was My Spouse in the world.

I speak through a child in a manner unfamiliar to you.  I am within her, I am around her, I am above her, and yet My Words reach you.  I speak in the tongue of your way and in Words you understand, through the language you know in your day.  I come to you in a special way, to give you a Special Message for each of you.

I speak to the sons first, who follow the Way of My Son, Who is The Son of The Divine.  You are attacked from all sides.  You are approached from all sides.  You are the target of many pawns of satan.  You are, in many ways, subject to criticism, and yes, you walk a tightrope for The Holy Trinity.  I say to you now, as I have said through this child before: ‘Do not walk on the tightrope alone.  Hold the Hand of The Father at all times.  Hold It close, hold It dear, and do not let go of Him, for if you do, you will have reason to fear.  Man will try to knock you off the tightrope.  It is man’s way to seek strength, to seek courage.  Man is screaming for strength, for courage.’

It is now as it was in the time My Son walked the earth.  In that time, too, men were seeking someone to stand in absolute Truth, someone to teach Divine Way, someone to radiate love for The Divine, love for The Creator; and through This Son, man was able to hear What God Wanted him to hear.  So it is again in your time.  The tightrope you walk is as thin as any line can be.  Man fishes in the ocean with the line of this dimension, for you see, the line is strong.  Remember this, and the strength of this line will support you to a degree, but the real strength in the line, in the rope that you walk, is The Divinity.

Oh, My sons, be aware of the path, of the plan, of the way, of the truth, of the wisdom that you have within you, and let no man shake the rope and cause you to fall from it.  I will always protect you with My Mantle if you will but seek My Help, if you will but put yourselves in My Protection.  There are Many Saints Here in the Heavens Who watch over you.  You do not pray to Them, but They have been given the task by God, to watch your path.  Through this watching, many times They have called you back:  in little things, perhaps to you; in great things, that you have not recognized satan’s hand in, against you.

Oh, My sons, through This Miracle of All Truth, I come to you on this day with a Love you cannot know and with a firmness as only a mother knows, a Heavenly Mother Who dearly loves you.

I speak to the other sons in the room.  Both walk a different path.  One, in anticipation for the path you are on, I say to him on this day, in your way, to be cautious, son, for many are eager to challenge you and to weaken you.  It is as it was when the Apostles were first called to follow The Son.  Before the time came to make them a true follower, an everlasting one, there were many, many attractions on the side and there were many, many men who abused their way, saying, ‘You fool, why do you follow a Man Who speaks as He speaks, Who walks as He walks?’ There is nothing new in the world.  Oh, My son, if you but knew how many are against your way.  Keep in mind that you, too, must hold the Hand of God; you, too, must seek My Protection every day; and you, too, must follow truths in all ways.

You, My son, were chosen to protect a child whom God uses every day.  Your role as protector is as Joseph’s was.  Your role is to stand by and see that God’s Will be done in a particular way.

Four men, I speak to now, all working for God in a special way, all seeking to do His Will.  I am happy, My sons, and I cherish a time such as this, and I say, ‘Never try to anticipate God’s Will, but stand in the Truth He has given and you will stand within His Plan and you will stand within His Holy Will.’

I bless you with My Love and I say: ‘The world was given to man as a means to come Here one day.  Cherish the way.  Cherish God’s Plan and follow His Truth.  Follow His Holy Will to the physical end, so when the physical is over and Life begins, you will be able to stand before Him and say to Him: “I love You, God.  Thank You for the privilege You gave me one day.”’

I speak to the little ones in the room and I say, ‘You, too, must seek My Protection each day, and you, too, must hold your Father’s Hand for all time.’ I bless you with a Mother’s Love and I say, ‘Cling to My Dress, hold My Knee, and I will walk with you down the path to Eternity.’  So be it.”

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