ON APRIL 4, 1972 AT 7:20 PM


“Heaven hears children remark of Me.  Heaven smiles at children so alert to the power of a name, for children connect much to a name.  We Here in the Heavens smile at this, for you see, My children, I am the Saint known, connected, with The Heart of The Son.  You know Me as a woman Saint.  Some children do not pronounce My Name properly. ‘Alacoque,’ some say.  I smile upon this as they do this.  And some say, ‘Saint Margaret Mary’; some say, ‘Saint Mary Margaret’.  Oh my; but Heaven says, ‘Why is a name so important to children who walk the physical way?’ We understand them, and We smile upon this when We hear children discuss the Names of We Saints.

Right Here in the Heavens Where I am, there are Many Saints Who walked the earth in chosen ways, for God alone.  They were not recognized in the world for the way They walked, for many men discussed Their way, and many men saw the pros and cons of Their way, and many men denied Their way.

I speak to you now of a Very Great Saint, Saint Teresa of Avila.  Oh, She stands Here in the Heavens, and She smiles upon all children who discuss Her way, and She says: ‘It is one of the ways you can imitate to reach God.  Remember this.’

And Saint Catherine, Who is known as ‘Saint Catherine of Siena’, She, too, walked a very definite way for God and She, too, walked a pattern of complete Truth, and She, too, had to stand up to men of all kinds and tell them what God wanted of each of them.

I smile at these Beautiful Saints, for you see, My children, God has placed Them in a Particular Way, a Particular Place, and He has left Their Names upon the earth for you to seek out, and for you to pray to for aid, for comfort, for help.

And now I, the Saint of The Heart, come to you.  And many men say My way was not truth.  This does not change the way I walked.

There are Many Saints Here:  the Beautiful, the Beloved Saint Anne.  She comes to all children as The Heavenly Grandmother, and how many children do not even know Her way, and they do not even know that She was the mother of The Heavenly Mother, Who leads all men This Way.  We smile at this, when children begin to know Her Name, for you see, to them Her Name is important.

Oh, children of God, All Love, all children of Grace, keep in mind that children need to know about The Saints.  They need to know the way They traveled, human, and yet deliberate in God’s Way.

And keep in mind the great men who walked the world, Who are now Saints.  Saint Peter walks in the Heavens, God’s Way, and He oftentimes walks forward and says, ‘Oh, God, a child needs Your Help a particular way,’ and The Heavenly Father smiles at Peter and says: ‘Peter, you have My Permission.  Keep in mind, too, Peter, that the Church is your way.  You must help all men who walk the pattern of this way.’

There are so Many Saints Here, My children.  The Name of John Vianney was mentioned by you.  We smile upon this, for you see, His path was a different way, His method was a different way, and yet His love for God was ultimate in its way.

There, as I look forward now, I see the Beloved Saint Bernadette.  She, too, walked a human way.  She, too, was obedient to God, to The Beloved Mother, in a particular way, and through Her obedience, many men now cherish the way She walked; but, at the time She walked, oh, men were critical and men did not treat Her as a Saint; not necessary, for you see, the only thing that was necessary was for man to believe and to walk the way that was prescribed by The Heavenly Queen.

And now I look over to My left, and I smile and say, ‘Oh my, Saint John of The Cross stands there ready to help all children know the way to God.’ You see, My children, All of Us are ready, All of Us are willing, and yes, All of Us are able to help you in many ways.

Children are not learning the Beauty of Sainthood.  We want you, on this day, to begin to understand that for the children to know about The Saints, Who We are, is necessary for them, for what Greater Purpose is there to the physical life than to be a Saint in Heaven with God for All Time?  Children must begin to know that the physical has a Purpose and has a Way to go.

I bless you with The Heart of The Son, and I say, ‘To follow This Heart, My children, you, too, must do this every day, and when you look to The Heart of This Beloved One, keep in mind that He extends It to all mankind, and the Rays of His Love go forward at the slightest thought a child has of The Holy One.’ I bless you with This Heart and I say, ‘Teach others about This Heart every day.’  So be it.”

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