ON APRIL 6, 1972 AT 4:42 PM


“My beloved children, I walked in the world a long time ago.  Many men do not know of My Name nor My way, but when I was in the world I fought a great heresy, a terrible scourge that was occurring throughout the world.  Many men remember Me as fighting the Arian heresy.  I am Saint Athanasius.

This child has been set forth upon the earth by The Heavenly Father, partly to fight another heresy all about.  This time it will be known by a different name, this time it will be accomplished in a different vein, and this time many men will see, after seeing the child, the Greatness of the way she must walk, the Fullness of the way, and the Manner that God has displayed.

The heresy that this child must fight is greater than you know.  The wickedness that this heresy is bringing forth is far greater than any man can tell, and I say to all children: ‘You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  You live in a time worse than any heresy of any other day.’ So keep in mind, My children, that This Miracle of Hope, This Miracle of Love, must flourish throughout the world, and All the Words said by The Divine must be seen by mankind readily.

You see, My children, man is wasting time.  Man is leaning on the past, man is leaning on the future, but what man must truly lean upon is the Truth of the moment, the Truth that has been set forth by The Holy Trinity, the Truth that will last for all time.  This, My children, is God’s Will, God’s Way, and the Truth that has been set down by Him through His Divine Son many years ago.

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘Heresy must be gone from the world for children to see the Light God’s Way.’  So be it.”

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