ON APRIL 7, 1972 AT 8:01 PM


“My children, you were created by God.  I am The Son of The Father.  I am The Heart of The Trinity.  I am The One Who gave Love to the fullest for you.  It is truly I Who speaks to you, for on this night, through this child, many Lessons were taught to you with Divine Love, through Divine Love, because of Divine Love.  If I had accepted selfishness, the Gates of Heaven would not be open for you.  If I had decided to fight the soldiers and not go through with the Suffering, the Scourging, the Crucifixion, the Gates of Heaven would not be open to you.

I ask you on this night, ‘Do you love Me?’ And if you answer ‘Yes,’ this carries responsibility, for when you say, ‘I love You, God,’ it means that you desire to be a Saint.  Sainthood is the Promise We give to all men who are born to the world such as you.  When you partake in the challenges of your day, you look for reward.  Is this not so?  We knew this when you were born.  So, as reward, We give you Sainthood to always be Here with Us.  The Father did not create you and forget you, but He is Ever Present for you.  Keep this in mind each day of your physical lives, and let no man distract you or cause you to turn from God Who loves you.

If I were to stand in this room now and offer you a crown of jewels, would you accept it?  Each one would.  Tonight I offer you a Greater Thing than the jewels in a crown for you.  I offer each child in My Presence here, Sainthood.  Will you accept it?

I take you back to the Water.  The Water cleanses, and when it does, it gives new life, a new look, a new light to what it touches.  I give you, My children, a Greater Gift than this, and this Gift is The Holy Eucharist.  You do not receive Us with reverence.  You do not receive Us in dignity.  You do not receive Us with the love We must have from you.  As the Man of God stands on the Altar of Truth, We are present to reach you.  Keep this in mind each day, and know that throughout the world We are ready to touch you.  I ask you on this night to remember this, My children, for I gave this Great Sacrament, this Ultimate Gift to you.  I ask you, also, that when you receive Us, you fold your hands as such:  pointing your fingers in the direction We are, and you be reverent, you walk in dignity, and you accept the Magnitude We are.

I walked to Calvary in humility, in pain, in suffering, in agony for you.  I ask you now to return to Me dignity when you receive Us on the Altar of Love.  Each child in the room, no matter what age, I ask you now to fold your hands in the position I gave, with the fingers pointed to Where We are — an act of humility, but an act of love thus far.  Children say, ‘This is not necessary,’ but We say, ‘It is.’ And do not care what others think, others do; for, children, it is necessary for you to be example, for My enemy tries to encourage all children to desecrate this Great Gift and to act undignified receiving It.

I bless you with My Love and I bless you with Grace.  I bless you with Truth and I say, ‘All you have learned, hold It dear, for when you do, you will grow closer to Here; and, oh, My children, I want each of you to be a Saint.’  So be it.”

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