ON APRIL 10, 1972 AT 9:43 AM


“My beloved daughters, I, your Father, come to you on this day to say many things of Great Worth.  My Confidence in This Miracle attaining the Goal I desire for It, is far greater than you know.  When the Cross was placed upon My Son, I was assured that this Cross would be carried to the Goal where men would be able to come to spend Eternity with Me.  The Responsibility for This Son of Mine was Far Greater than any man knew.

Again I place a child, not Divine but human, a creation of Mine, to carry the Cross for the world.  It is not easy for such a child, and it will get more difficult as physical time goes on.  I am confident that she will see It through for Me.  As it was men who abused My Son, it will be men who will abuse the child.  They will not understand the pain, the sorrow, as they did not in His time.  They become brutal, aggressive, and desire to do only their own will.  It is time repeating itself.

But I ask you to keep in mind the Goal of this Hill:  It is to give man life, to give Souls Light, so that more will come to spend Eternity with Me.  Many men will just see the physical side, but even in this vision, some of them will automatically turn to Me.  On this Hill, and before this Hill, I am teaching man to pray.  I am teaching man the worth of prayer, the dignity of it, and the humility it has in My Way.

The world in which you live has become a place of horror to see.  The evil one, My enemy, has seeped into places of all kinds, and he is working diligently to draw Souls from Me.  Sometimes he works in bright corners, sometimes he picks dim spots, but keep this in mind, My children, he will always choose a weakness to enter.  When children grow so strong in love with Me the enemy cannot enter, for the bond of love becomes so thick, so sturdy, that he does not have the power to penetrate it.

The time in which you live is a special time, for in this time many men will recognize the beauty of the physical, the Purpose of it, and that is to become a Saint through it.  This is a time that can make many Saints, can draw many Saints to Me.  Men must be aware of it.  There is no happiness in sin.  There is no joy in doing one’s own will or satan’s.  There is no tranquillity in following him; but, when a child decides, even in the smallest way, to love Me more, there is an inner peace, an inner joy, and tranquillity begins to be stored.

You see, My children, I did not give the physical to torture mankind.  I had a Great Purpose in mind and that was to draw many Souls to Me, to share Heaven, Here Where I am.  Heaven is reward for doing My Will, for loving Me.  Many men seem so self-sufficient they do not need to strive for this Great Goal.  These are foolish men; they are ignorant of the Purpose of life and they must be taught.

And so it is, through This Miracle of Greatness, of Magnitude, that I am reaching men of all kinds.  They must come, and children must come from all over the world to hear the Words direct, for the good of mankind.  The Hill of Hope is that:  hope, so man will renew his thinking, his drive, his energies, his Goal, and man will set his sights on Me and place his love in My Control.

Oh, My daughters, The Beloved Saint for Whom This Miracle has been set forth upon the earth, is a Beloved One of Mine, close to Me Here in the Heavens at all time, and as the child often speaks of Him in a deep love, your love, too, is to grow as hers is for Him.  We smile each time she explains Him to man, for as you can see, each time is more warmth, each time more lovingly; and so it must be with you.

Heaven smiles when They look down upon the workshop,1 for in His time the workshop was all wood; and now, where you work, there are many man-made products.  My allowing this is helping you to do more to spread His Name, and to show others My Will.  Please, My children, let others know of this great workshop of Truth, this great endeavor to spread Heaven’s Words, My Will.

I bless you with My Love and I say, ‘Cling to It, grow in It, and yes, cherish It, for you see, it is My Love that will make you a Saint, and your love for Me that will decide the degree of it.’  So be it.”

1  The workshop dedicated to The Miracle Of Saint Joseph — the place in which the Revelations are made ready for future reference.

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