ON APRIL 11, 1972 AT 1:25 PM


“The sons in the family way decide many times to offer themselves to defend man in every way.  The sons oftentimes become suddenly aware that they are the strength to do things, to make things right, and they do care.

I, The Son of The Father, come on this day to alert the sons and the daughters to fight for the Beauty of the Soul, the Rights of the Soul, the Dignity of the Soul, the Magnitude of the Soul.  When man fights man, he uses a weapon.  When man fights satan, he must have another weapon.  This, My children, is love for God.  No weapon in the world could be as efficient as this.  You see, God has given man the greatest weapon in the world to save his Soul, but man ignores that Part of him which is the Soul.  Man puts much emphasis on the physical.  Man shouts out, ‘This physical of mine, I must be careful with.’

I say to man now, of all ages, of all kinds, of all colors, of all creeds, ‘As you protect the physical and its needs, be sure, My children, you protect the Spiritual and its needs, for the Spiritual is the Light of your Soul, the Faith by which you walk, the truth in which you live.’ Your Soul is the Greater Part of you, your Soul is the Life of you, your Soul is God’s Love for you.  The physical is loved by Him, but the physical is used as the means to Here.

I speak firmly in this way, for you see, My children, too many Souls are falling the other way, and too many children are not aware of the Soul that must one day come Here.  These Words that are given from Us, through this child, are teaching all mankind the Truth about the physical and Spiritual life.

And now as I leave, I say: ‘The weapon was handed to each of you one day.  Secure the weapon in your way and, My children, be aware that through this weapon, one day you will come Here to stay.’  So be it.”

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