ON APRIL 11, 1972 AT 2:10 PM


“My daughters, I am Mary Magdalene.  I look back on the time in which I lived, and yes, there was much sin all around.  There were many children involved in personal sin, for self-satisfaction, in ways of pride.

The time in which you live, it is more of sin grouping men together in great numbers.  That is what makes it worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, for these men are committing sins of all nature, of all kinds, of all degrees, for you see, they gain what they call strength from each other.  This is not real strength.  What they are doing is leaning on each other’s weakness.  There is more in the world now than you can know, and that is why The Heavenly Father is so disturbed, for He sees a great growth in the turmoil, in the destruction, in the hazards for the Soul.

‘The time in which you live,’ Heaven says, ‘is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.’ This is true, My children.  Keep this in mind.  There was more control in My time, but now men have become so acquainted with the evil one that they enjoy participation in his way and time.

Please pray, My daughters, for children to come to The Miracle of Hope, to come to The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, for through This Miracle All Heaven has come forward, and will do so, to help children think of their Souls, to help children be reminded of the Truth that must be all around.

I come through this child often, and many times when I do, it is to alert you to the sorrow, to the sadness of sin.  There are so Many Saints Who are standing Here, Who walked a different life than I, but They, too, had to face temptation; They, too, had to overcome the weaknesses of man.

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘The Miracle must flourish throughout the world, and thousands upon thousands upon thousands of children must come This Way.’ I bless you with God’s Heart and I say, ‘Use The Heart as you speak to each man each day, for in This Heart there is Warmth, Love, Security, Purity, and Trust, God’s Way.’ I bless you with God’s Light and I say, ‘Through the Wisdom of These Words, Light will be given to you each day.’  So be it.”

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