ON APRIL 11, 1972 AT 7:33 PM


“My sons and My daughters, it is true what the child has spoken to you, for They were Words of Ours, not hers.  She is used as an instrument for God, called, by Heaven, ‘the fork’; for through this means We reach you and We draw you to Divine Way, to Divine Truth, to Divine Love.  Through this child, We teach you.  Through your presence here, you grow in love with Divine Way.

All children must hear Our Words, all children must get accustomed to Our Way, all children must learn to accept truth, all children must learn to reject man’s weakness, for you see, My children, if you do not, you will fall into satan’s way.

Right now, your time in the world is capable of making you a Great Saint, for you see, to walk away from a temptation all around will make you stronger God’s Way; and the deeper you fall in love with Him, the more you grow to serve Him, the more love you extend to Him, the more you depend upon Him, you will grow in His Way.

There are so few children in the world who are ready to give up their weakness.  I, Saint Bernadette, say to you on this night, ‘It would be wise, My children, to give up what is weak in you, and to grow in strength, God’s Way.’

There are so many children rejecting The Holy Eucharist.  Many reasons are this:  They are scrupulous in certain ways.  I say to you now, ‘Walk away from scruples, they are weaknesses; and ask God to give you the strength to walk to the railing, to kneel to Him, and to accept Him with humility, reverence and love.’

The prayer most loved by Heaven is the Holy Rosary, for as you pay Homage to The Heavenly Queen you pay Homage to The Holy Trinity.  All Heaven loves Her, and All Heaven knows Her Power, and Heaven says to you on this night: ‘Beware, My children, if you walk away from Her Light, for She is your Heavenly Mother.  She protects you, She guards you, She loves you, and She will deny you nothing that is good for you.  Be conscious of this, be aware of this, and thank Her for it each day.’

I, Saint Bernadette, bless you with God’s Love, and I bless you with Hope, for it is through hope you will one day be saved.  So be it.”

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