ON APRIL 12, 1972 AT 11:13 AM


“My children, I am Saint Athanasius.  My Name, through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, is becoming known throughout the world.  This is not the reason for My coming through this child right now, but I say to you here in this room where you are, that I fought a heresy in My time and I fought hard.

And so it is again in the time in which you live.  Heresy is all around, My children, and many men who are great in this act against God are actors in many ways, and they will try to fool even the greatest ones.  They are capable of standing up in what they feel is truth; but, keep in mind, My children, that heresy is only development of untruth, and if you will but keep this in mind, you will see it is not valuable to follow men this way.

Follow, My children, the Ten Commandments, for They were given to you a long time ago, for all men to see, to obey, to follow, and many men are saying, ‘There are not Ten, but Two.’ Oh, My children, heresy, foolish thinking.  Weakness shows when this is done by men such as you.

I bless you with God’s Love, for there are Many Others to speak.  I bless you with Hope and I say, ‘Watch out for the heresy in your day, and stand up in truth as you know it to be:  God’s Will, My children, and the Ten Commandments should ever be before thee.’  So be it.”

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