ON APRIL 12, 1972 AT 11:15 AM


“My children, I am a Saint not known to some, but I always enjoy calling Myself ‘Saint Columbkille’, to stir your imagination, to stir your thinking, to stir your way, for I am truly a Saint in your day, in your way, to help you save your Soul.

There is so little emphasis put on the Soul in your day.  There is so much emphasis put on the beauty of the body, the exposure of this body and what this body means to man; but there are so few men ready to stand and say: ‘Your Soul has a Beauty all Its own.  Your Soul has a Dignity of Greatness.  Your Soul has a Place to go when all else is done.’

And I come through this child today to you and say: ‘The Soul you walked into this room with is What will live on, not the body.  The body will disintegrate.  The body will go away,’ but keep in mind, My children, as you leave this room today, you walk out with a body and a Soul, a Guardian Angel, and you will be fearful for the body, and I say, ‘Be doubly fearful for the Soul, for you walk among men who are satan’s way.’  So be it.”

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