ON APRIL 12, 1972 AT 11:17 AM


“My children, I know that to have so Many Saints speak so direct through a child is unheard of, unknown to man, but nonetheless, It is of Truth, and I, Saint Catherine of Siena, speak to you.

This child has been prepared not to care what man does think.  The only real concern in life is what God Wills to be.  So, as you stand in this place dedicated to The Beloved Saint, keep in mind, My children, your Soul is at stake.  Keep in mind, also, that the Power of God is Greater than the one of the evil one; and keep in mind that you are given the Way to Here, Heaven, Where I am.

Some of you will walk the easy way.  Some of you will walk the small way.  Some of you will walk the delicate way.  Some of you will walk the fighting way, as this child has been given; but, keep in mind, you can become a Saint.

Keep in mind the beauty of prayer, for so few of you do care how many prayers you say a day.  Also, sometimes you become so bogged down with the words you know that you forget, just to genuflect is a prayer to God alone.  It is respect for Him in many ways; and then, too, My children, just to kneel in an act of humility is a love for Him.  He returns this with Grace in ways you do not know.  And just to sit and talk and think — He loves it so, for remember, My little ones, He created you, and He does not ask each of you to perform great tasks for Him.  All He asks is you return the Soul to Him one day when you rest.

I bless you in His Way.  I fought My way to Here, and in the fighting, oh, My children, men tried to steer me in another way, but I could not allow it to be, for I knew the Truth all around and I knew that I had to stand for the Truth, for you see, I loved Him so, and when you grow in love with Him, you, too, will fight for Him.  The greatest love that man can have is for The God Who created him.

I bless you with His Love and I say: ‘The Learning you have received today is one alone.  The Love that was given to you is one alone.  It will be a strength, My children, when temptation comes.  It will be a reserve for you when satan encourages others to draw you to him.’  So be it.”

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