ON APRIL 18, 1972 AT 12:05 PM


“My beloved daughters, I am your Heavenly Mother.  I come through this child because of a Deep Love for you, a Deep Love for This Miracle of All Truth.

This Miracle of The Beloved Saint Joseph is given to the world to give man proof of what God wants from each of you.  It is to renew men’s thinking of The Commandments The Father once gave, for many men are setting Them aside, saying, ‘They are not of our day.’

Oh, My children, These Commandments should be evident in each home.  They should be set up on a wall, in a place where all who come, all who dwell, can look at Them and examine their way, for so many children are walking purely for the flesh, purely to enjoy the physical way.  Some of These Commandments you will not sin against, but some you sin against and do not know the consequence, and that is why it is important now for the world to see openly, These Commandments God gave to each of thee.

Many men are going off into hidden places, checking on their own being, spiritually.  They are meditating in a special way and they are thinking of God, so they say; but, My children, I say to you now: ‘Is this not so, that when man practices meditation he does it for his own satisfaction, not God’s?  But when a man serves diligently and lovingly to help others understand God’s Way, then I would say that this man is really conscious of his Soul.’

I do not say prayer is not right, for prayer is always right, but so many men are using prayer as an excuse for laziness, and to create laziness within them.

Man is putting much emphasis on meditation, and man is not truly looking at meditation for what it should be; and then there are many children running around, shouting the Name of My Son, and they do not realize that the physical way of His was only a small portion of the Truth He stood in, the Love He had, and the Beauty He was.

I am prepared to speak through this child at a moment’s notice.  Sometimes I request it from The Father, and other times He says, ‘Oh, Heavenly Mother, do speak out now before the evil one reaches a particular child, for the child does love Me, but the child cannot feel Me,’ and so I come forward at this time, in different ways, of course, and many times I come through this child.  You do not know the Magnitude of This reaching you.

Oh, My children, I speak today and I say, ‘This Great Wisdom that is coming forth to the world through a child such as you, must be spread to every land, must be handed to every man, and It must be given out with love in regard to Its Worth.’ Never has man heard so many Words so direct, except of course, when the time My Son did walk the land; but I stand in the Heavens and I see so many men tearing apart God’s Love, ignoring His Will, and subjecting themselves to satan and satan’s plan.

I, your Heavenly Mother, say that All The Saints in Heaven have come forward through this child.  Some said, ‘I am a Saint of Great Renown.’ Others say, ‘I am Saint ...,’ and then They give Their Name.  You have no idea, My little ones, how Many Great Ones have spoken with this child’s tongue, how Many Great Ones have used the simplicity of this way, the beauty of it, the natural way to reach you.

The Protection that you have in This Miracle is Far Greater than you know, for the Protection is Truth, it is Security that is one alone.

There are so many men arguing and saying: ‘It cannot be.  Not her.  If God would do it to her, why not me?’ And God says, ‘Foolish man, who are you to decide what I should do in your time, in your way, on My land?’ for you see, God does own the earth, God does rule the earth, but He allows man to stand there and use this place to come Here one day.

All the criticism this child must face, the abuse, is far more than you know, and constantly she looks to Us and says, ‘Please help me so the child will know,’ and We say to her, ‘Just be obedient to God’s Will and We will transmit All Things in proper way, in proper due.’ And so she waits for Us each time, and so many men are standing ready to beat her down, for they are anxious to perform beyond and above what God Decrees for them.  They do not realize that in some ways they are selfish, in some ways they are prideful, and that is why the child so often says to them, ‘Wait, don’t run,’ and so they feel that she holds them down, she holds them back from doing God’s Will.  Not so; for she, too, had to learn patience, and it was not an easy one.

So, as I speak through her, I say, ‘All men should know and learn the beauty of the Ten Commandments, and men should realize that the Souls in Purgatory are truly in a place where prayer and sacrifice will help them, and they must wait for sufficient Grace to be released, to come Face to face with The Divine Ones.’ Children must learn that Heaven is not gained through one act of love, one act of prayer.  Heaven is reward for loving and serving God, Who is Here.

Oh, My children, there is so much to be learned by man, and with all the knowledge man has, there is not enough around about God, for many men are trying to make the mind so powerful that they are putting their own mind above the Wisdom that He is, the Power that He is, the Beauty that He is.  They are trying to become equal to Him.  They are trying to show other men their powers, and they are trying to lead others; and, of course, in doing this, they are only leading man in man’s way.  They cannot lead him truly in the Spiritual way.

The new act man is performing is to hold hands with each other, and all along man has been taught that he will stand before God alone, not holding other men’s hands; and yet, man says, ‘Feel the strength of another,’ and God says: ‘Oh, child, feel only My Love and My Strength, for as you touch another’s hand you feel only the weakness of this man, not the Beauty of any Strength I Am.  You touch the flesh, you feel emotion.  You touch the physical, you feel the senses.  I gave these to you for a certain plan, but I did not give them to you to find strength in other men.’

But man is misusing all the things that God gave to man.  Man is misusing intellect.  Man is misusing his mind.  Man is misusing his senses.  Man is misusing the wisdom that has been handed down through man.  Man is misusing the guidance of the Ten Commandments.  Man is misusing the beauty of prayer.  So would you not say then, that it is time that truth be shown, truth be seen, truth be acknowledged by all men?

I love you.  I am your Mother, and I say to each child here and in the world: ‘Be obedient to God’s Will.  Do not pretend obedience for He knows when it is real, but follow wisdom, children, do not follow man’s way.  Subject yourself to His Will and love Him every day.  Offer prayers in His Way, and when you do, say, “Oh, God, use them as You Will them to be, and help the Souls in Purgatory, the Ones You know should be freed.”’

And when you walk in such trust you will see the Beauty of His Way, for man says, ‘I trust in God.’ And man foolishly misinterprets the beauty of trust and man says: ‘Well, I trust Him.  I would jump off a cliff if He told me to.’ ‘Oh, man,’ I say, ‘satan might tell you to jump off of a cliff, satan might tell you to take your feet off the ground, but God would not.’ It is true He tests your love in different ways, but never to harm you, never for you to disobey the Ten Commandments that He gave one day.  And that is why, through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, the child must stand with firm feet on firm ground; and that is why, when she says to you, ‘I wonder, let us be sure,’ it is for protection for all men around.

I bless you and I say, ‘You are good children, and I love you in My Way,’ and I bless you with a Heavenly Mother’s Love and I say, ‘Do not misinterpret anything, and do not depend upon man, for man could lead you astray; but lean on the Wisdom that is being taught, lean on the Truth that is being shown, lean on the Love of God, for one day, when you stand before Him, it will be His Love for you that will bring Justice to the Judgment of your way, and it will be Love that will show the Mercy that He will show to you in His Own Way.’  So be it.”

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