ON APRIL 18, 1972 AT 7:33 PM


“My children, I am Saint Martin de Porres.  I speak through this child with God’s Love and I say to children of all kinds, all colors, ‘Serve Him, love Him in all you do, so one day you will spend Eternity with Him.’ My manner of speaking is slow, so I ask each of you to follow Each Word as I give Them to you.

The time in the world is a sadness to God.  The time must change, for the sin that man is accepting is no good, and man must change.

As I walked the earth, I walked not loved by everyone.  I found weakness in man and I found little satisfaction in man’s love.  As I would kneel and pray, I oftentimes would ask God to help me in little ways.  I found He did.  I found that my little acts were very important to Him.  I found, also, that men made excuses for how they acted.  This is weakness.  Man must learn to think before he acts, so excuses will not be necessary for what he does.

Many men are just now learning My Name.  Many men speak to Me in the human way.  When I was man I turned to God for all things, and I say to you now, ‘You do the same.’ I do not say, ‘Do not pray to Me,’ but I do say, ‘Place all your Faith in The Holy Trinity.’

My sons and My daughters, on this day there was much abuse given to The Holy Eucharist.  In this abuse, man defied The Creator.  It was not just one man but more than this; and in this abuse, in this desecration, man felt just.  Man must stand before God for this terrible act.  You must pray that those who act in this way will ask forgiveness before their last breath.  There are many men daily making plans against The Father.  He could strike them dead but He does not act in this manner.

Right now, you live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  At that time The Father had to make all things end.  It is, My children, worse now; and The Heavenly Mother is the Instrument, the Love that is holding His Hand.  Her Love for you, Her Desire for you to be a Saint is what She wants for you, so She says to Him, ‘Give them a chance through This Miracle.’

My children, reparation will be made for the desecration done each day.  Ask The Father if you can perform sacrifice and penance, and partake in the reparation that must be.  In this way you can become a Saint.  I stand in the Heavens, and it is sadness to see children go their way, not caring what hurts The Beloved Father has each day.

Man is ignoring the Ten Commandments.  One especially is sadness: Thou Shalt Not Kill.  Only The Father has this right to take a life, and so many men are taking this Commandment into their own hands.  All ages are the victims of this Commandment, the abuse to it, the way it is being handled.  Right now, while you gather with this child, infants are being robbed of life.  Men are making decisions, making rationalization to their own thinking.  I ask you, from Heaven Where I am, to say to God on this night that you will participate in reparation for what is happening.

My children, you are loved, but the Love is Far Greater than you know; It is The Father’s Love for you.  And I say to you, ‘Help all things that are happening against Him to be righted.’

I bless you with God’s Love and I bless you with The Heart of The Son; and I bless you with the desire to repair the damage being done.  So be it.”

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