ON APRIL 19, 1972 AT 11:05 AM


“My beloved children, many places around the world are putting God in a dim light.  They are saying that, ‘If He is truly around, let Him show Himself so I can see what He is all about.’ I say to each man here and to all others who think this way: ‘Look into a mirror of your way and ask yourself:  Could you have created yourself out of nothing?  Could you have made your hair?  Could you have made your eyes?  Could you keep your heart beating?  If you say you could, you tell lies.’

Oh, My children, I am Saint Athanasius, and I come through this child, ready to teach you.  If you cannot say that God made you, I want you to pray.  If you can say God did make you, I want you to pray, for you see, there is much for you to do in your way.

Each of you in My Presence here wants man to love you, and you hold it dear, but if you are wise, My children, you will say, ‘I want to grow in love with God more each day,’ for when you do this, you will be on the road to Sainthood in a special way.

There are many children present here who are ready to accept heresy, but you do not put it in that term.  You put it in a natural way.  You say, ‘It is the time in which we live, the way man expects things to be.’ Oh, My children, it is heresy.

When God grants a Gift to a child, He controls the Gift for quite awhile; in fact, the whole time the child is in the physical; for man, in his ego and his pride, in his eagerness and in his anxiety, would run away with the Gift, and man would feel a power in it, and man would try very hard to have other men see it; but, when It is truly from God, the child says, ‘Only Your Will, my God, not mine.’

You are living in a time of great heresy.  You are living in a time of great sin.  You are living in a time where many men must stand up to what is happening and look for the truth, for you see, it will be truth that will save man.

I bless you and I say, ‘You are privileged to come this way, for God sought you out, perhaps through man, but nonetheless, your Soul is at stake.  Your life is at stake.  Pray, My children, and thank Him.’  So be it.”

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