ON APRIL 20, 1972 AT 7:48 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I speak through this child with a loud voice and a firm way.  Holy Church that God loves so much is being desecrated in many ways.

I come through This Miracle to tell all children to beware of satan and how he plays, and I say to you on this night: ‘Stand in the army of truth.  Stand in love with God’s Way and be sure that you follow the Ten Commandments He gave one day.’ So many children are ignoring These Commandments.  They are saying They are not for your day.  I say on this night: ‘The Commandments are being taught through This Miracle of Hope.  They are being given to you to remind you that through These you can become a Saint.’

One Commandment that is being abused to a great degree, and that is: Do Not Have false gods Before Me.  My children, beware and look out, for many men are using strange gods, false gods, before The Father.  Oh, I bless you and I say, ‘Look into this Commandment in your day and see what it means, and see the value it is to you, for you see, One God is all man has.’  So be it.”

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