ON APRIL 20, 1972 AT 7:51 PM


“My children, I am Saint Bernard.  I come on this night to talk to those who are learning out of books.  I come on this night to tell others, who are in charge of these children, to beware of what they are reading, for there is so much teaching being done in the world that is not truth.  It is not of value, it is not good.  And I, Saint Bernard, want you to read over, to check into, and to watch for the evil that is in many books.

Man is saying: ‘What difference does it make?  I can handle the situation.’ I stand Here in the Heavens and I see all that occurs, and I say: ‘You cannot handle the situation.  You are weak, you are vulnerable, and, oh yes, you find many things exciting, when all they will do is rob you of your Soul, rob you of Sainthood, and draw you from God.’

Oh, My children, you are not capable of facing every test.  Be sure that when you look into things you are able to sift truth from untruth, untruth from truth, for you see, there is a mixture here, and satan is very good at mixing things so you will not see the deceit within the book.

I bless you from the Heavens and I say: ‘A Great Lesson has been taught to you today.  Beware, watch out, be cautious, and follow this word.’  So be it.”

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