ON APRIL 20, 1972 AT 8:02 PM


“I would like much to talk to My sons first.  There is a great army needed to serve God.  There is great strength needed to serve the Truth.  I say to you on this night, ‘No matter what vocation you have chosen to live in, to live for, to live with, please use it to do God’s Will and all that is right.’

If you could see the treachery all around, you would be frightened beyond words.  God’s Love for you protects you, and in this protection you do not see the hazards surrounding you.

An army must be formed to be example and to lead other men for all things that are right.  Do not be ashamed to stand up for the Ten Commandments, for each of you, in your vocation of life, has the opportunity to show other men how you feel about These, and the Beauty They are and the Light They are for each man to be a Saint.

There is so much talk in the world about success.  Man will not know success until the enemy has dwindled to nothingness.  Man is so conscious of being liked by other men.  Man is so conscious of progress.  Man is so conscious of being in a position of acclaim, so other men will look upon him and will say he is a success in the way of man.

Please, My sons, join the army of love for God.  Stand up to what you know is truth, and do not be blinded by the weakness of others, and do not let them shatter your love.  I am well aware of what it takes to fight a great fight.  I am well aware of what it takes to be a Saint, and I am well aware of how easy it is to weaken when all things are against you, but believe Me, there is great worth in standing up for truth.  There is great success in standing up for God in all things.

Do not measure your life by what you look like in front of other men.  Do not measure your progress by what you have in material gain, but measure all things by the love you have for God, the truth that you feel, and the hope that you know you have to be a Saint.

Oh, My sons, I speak with Much Love to you on this night, for each of you has the power within you to be a Saint.  Do not deny yourselves this Great Goal.

Before I leave, I will say to the daughters in the room, ‘Hold high the beauty of modesty, cling to the virtue of purity, and when you do, imitate The One We All love, The Heavenly Mother, for She does love you.’  So be it.”

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