ON APRIL 20, 1972 AT 8:08 PM


“My children, I am Saint Catherine, and I come on this night to give each child here Direction.

You truly live in a time of much sin, much heresy.  Men are using fancy words to dress up what they feel is living in the physical.  God has reached a point where He says: ‘The children must be stopped.  If I stop them now, too many will not be lost.’ The Heavenly Mother says, ‘Give them a chance, My God.’

As I speak to you through This Miracle Of Saint Joseph, It is a Miracle of Hope, a Miracle of Love, a Miracle of Direction, a Miracle of Wisdom, a Miracle of All Truth.  It is a Miracle to guide you.  As it was said through the child by The Beloved Saint Joseph, ‘You must see the Beauty that is Here.  No man could love you this much, no man who ever lived.’ It is difficult to love weakness in another man.  It is difficult to accept weakness in another man when it hurts you.  God’s Love is so Great, so Merciful, so Just, that He is Tolerant to a point beyond man’s knowledge.

I say to you on this night, ‘It is time that each child stop, think.’ What are you doing?  Where are you going?  What excuse are you making for yourself?  What do you do with your time?  Do you pray, or do you spend all of your life looking for success in man’s way?  Do you care so much what others think of you that you do not feel the necessity to wonder what God thinks of you?

Have you forgotten that you have a Soul?  Do you think about your Soul?  Do you think about the degree It glows, or do you stand back, so conscious of the physical that you do not know about this Greater Part of you?

Do you accept the heresy all around?  Do you accept the desecration being done?  Do you accept what other men say and do, without looking for the truth, and the results of what they do?

Do you obey The Commandments?  Do you call God’s Name in vain?  This, My children, is one of His Rules; keep that in mind.  And do you make excuses for the time to be spent in prayer?  Remember, keep one day open for Him Here.  And how many children go by the wayside on the one Commandment so dear to God: Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother?

Children are not being taught the beauty of obedience.  Children are being allowed to do what they may.  Is this not so in your day?  Man is saying: ‘It takes too much patience, it takes too much time.  I do not have the tolerance.’ This is sadness to The Divine, for when obedience is taught, it is not just for the human way; obedience is for the Spiritual growth of a child in every day.  Keep this in mind.

I bless you with God’s Love and I bless you with the Truth, and I say, ‘The Lessons that have been taught are the Key to Heaven for you one day.’  So be it.”

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