ON APRIL 20, 1972 AT 8:15 PM


“My beloved children, I am Teresa of Avila, and I announce Myself this way to you so you will know Who is speaking through this child to you.

As I dearly loved The Beloved Saint Joseph when I walked the earth, I love Him in a greater way now than I knew I could.  As He stands Here, so High in the Heavens, so dearly beloved by God, He stands in Humility, but in a Power beyond Any of Us.

This Miracle has been sent to the world to give man hope.  This Miracle has been sent to the world to show man the Beauty of This Beloved Saint.  As He was obedient as man, He is obedient Here now, for God Willed This Time to be and He said, ‘You must be seen, You must be heard and You must be known by all mankind.’ And This Beloved Saint stood and He said, ‘Thy Will, My God, at all times.’ And so, My children, as you gather in the core of This Miracle, keep this in mind, that God has Decreed This Time, not The Beloved Saint Who stands in The Divine.

I speak through this child much, and I speak through her with a Love you cannot know, and I say, ‘Place all things in His Way and ask Him to help you, for He will.’

Many, many children came to me and they would say: ‘Please, Mother, help me.  I cannot stand to live in this day,’ and as I would look into their face, I would know the terror in their heart and the sacrifice that had to be.  And some would say, ‘Should I leave the convent, Mother?’ And I would say, ‘Let us pray.’ And as we prayed they would feel the beat of my heart and they would wonder why, and I would know that if I did not care for the Soul of this child, It could become lost in the world.  And, My children, that is what is happening now.  Too few people care about the Souls Who should be dedicated to God Who is King.

There are many, many, many who started out to follow Divine Way, who started out to be the Brides of Christ and now are dwindling away.  You must pray; pray with them, pray for them, for you see, as you do, some of them will return to the Grace and the Love of God.  Oh, My children, do not criticize but pray.  As I stand Here in the Heavens Where I am, you have been taught much in your day through This Miracle of Hope, and I am now showing you the beauty of prayer for those who walk in God’s Way.

I bless you as I once blessed them as they knelt by My feet, and I say, ‘When you feel a lack of hope and when you feel that all in the earth is falling away, depend upon The Father and He will help you in His Way.’  So be it.”

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