ON APRIL 20, 1972 AT 8:36 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I hold this child in a manner you do not know.  It is unfamiliar to your way, to your human realm, but as I hold her I speak to you, My Way, giving you a Lesson that I want you to learn, for you see, I want you to come My Way.

You call Me The Son of The Father.  That is Who I Am.  I am The Heart of The Holy Trinity and I speak to you through This Heart you must hold dear.  I use this child to reach you.  I use her in many ways.  I use her love for Us, as The Father used Mine one day.

I come on this night to beseech you to pray, not in long meditative ways, but in a simple manner, in a simple way.  I also want to draw your attention to the Beauty of The Holy Eucharist, of Which I am a Part, and do not allow other men to tell you that This is not the Ultimate Gift with My Heart.

You stand in a physical way.  You stand observing each other.  I say to you now, ‘Do not spend so much time concerned over men, but be conscious of the Souls of men, be conscious of the Soul you have, be conscious of the Goal of the Soul, for This was God’s Ultimate Gift to man.’ Right now, men are leading their Souls to Hell.  Men are causing other Souls to be drawn into the pits of Hell.  Men are disguising wickedness, falsehood, and are saying it is the only way for man to be, to walk, to see.

I come to you on this night and I ask each child here to guard your senses well.  There are men making great plans against your senses.  Some men are dwelling on the sense of touch.  Man has a name for this evil way, and I say to man, ‘Do not partake in this ugliness.’ There are many men profiting on the sin with the eyes.  They do not care about Souls.  They are so quick to compromise.  There is more of this than you know.  There are many men concentrating on the verbal way.  They are expressing all sin through the ears.  These men do not care about your Soul.  I could go on and on, but I have given you something that I want you to dwell upon and I want you to think of the dangers surrounding these things.

I speak through this child.  This is new to man.  It is a Personal Miracle, a Personal Way, and It is coming your way because of Our Love.  It’s a chance for man to learn Truth.

Men are abusing The Holy Eucharist.  When I handed other men The Bread, I handed This to My first priests.  When I handed men The Wine, I handed This to the first priests of My time.  Men are twisting the story, men are making this story fit their needs.  I am angered at this.  I am disturbed by it, for men are misinterpreting many truthful things.  I speak through this child with Wisdom, not just learning.  She is a Victim Soul for all mankind.

As you gather on this night, you gather in hope; you gather, desiring to know the Truth of The Divine.  You have learned it much tonight.  You have learned it directed to your time.  You have learned it in a personal way.  You have been given a pattern to follow and it has been done in a special way.

I hold this child with My Power Which is Divine.  This Miracle is to allow the world to know the Beauty of The Beloved Saint Joseph, Who, as I walked the earth, was a Father of Mine.  The strength He gave Me was in His Humility.  The love He showed to Me was His Love for God.  The truth He extended to Me was the Wisdom He knew to be.

Many learned men are struggling to decide how We would come to the earth and help mankind.  It is sadness when they cannot see Our Choice of Way, for as it was said to you, man complicates things, trying hard to make all things the way that man would offer them, perform them, deal with them, but this is not Our Way.

I bless you much on this night, and I bless you with My Heart, for it is through My Heart that My Love was given at the start.  All men must honor My Heart.  All men must see It for what It is; and I truly placed It in this spot, for the Rays of It are to help in many ways.”

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