ON APRIL 21, 1972 AT 7:47 PM



It’s Our Beloved Mother and She is standing on water.  The water is very calm and it’s very blue.  And She’s all in white.  There are children on either side of Her, holding Her Hand; and the children seem to be standing, also, on this water, and they are children of all lands.  No one is frightened and they are all sizes, all ages, and you can tell from what country they come by the garments they wear.  There is one little boy having a very difficult time between two girls.  Our Lady looked over and now he has fallen into line.  Our Lady is about to speak.  And the children now are disappearing, and a group of Angels is coming behind Her.  There must be fifty of Them and They are adding much color to the scene.


“My beloved children, I have presented this Vision this way to show you My Love that I have for children all over the world.  This Vision is taking place in a different way, but I present it to you in a manner you will understand and in a way you can comprehend.  Through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, I often speak to children of all ages and I teach.  And I come on this night in your time, in your place, to teach you the Beauty of God’s Way.

At the time I walked the earth, I walked with a Spouse and a Son in the human way.  I knew that He was destined to do many things and I knew that His Work was for God in a Special Way.  Through Him I learned the beauty of many things.  I learned the beauty of the world through His Eyes.  I learned the beauty of virtues through His Words, and I come to teach Them to you in your way.

Be conscious, My children, of virtues, for you see, virtues, in many ways, touch your senses that God gave thee.  Obedience to truth, to right, is a virtue.  Humility, which is strength, is a virtue.  Modesty is a virtue, purity is a virtue.  Tolerance of others is a virtue, but be sure that you do not mistake tolerance for accepting weakness.  Kindness is a virtue.  I could go on and on in many ways but there is more to teach you in Our Way.

So many children are not understanding the Beauty of the Sacraments God gave.  First of all, My children, it was made obvious to man, the importance of Baptism, the water, the cleansing, the love, the truth.  You must be aware of them.

So many children are ignoring the importance of Penance and what it does for man.  Oh, My children, look into this and see the Beauty of this in God’s Plan.

The Ultimate Gift from God was given, and This, My children, is The Holy Eucharist.  When you receive The Holy Trinity in this way, be sure you fold your hands, for to do it this way is an act of humility and this is what God wants of every man.  Do not walk in pride and ego and fear what other men say, for you are receiving your Creator.  Be aware of this and know the privilege It is in every day.

So many children do not know the Beauty of being Confirmed.  God gave this Sacrament to the world.  Know Its importance and accept It for the Greatness of Its worth.

And at no time in the world has there been so much desecration to another one:  the marriage state.  Oh, My children, be aware that satan is using this state of life to rob God of Souls.  Please, know that I partook in this state of life, and it carries with it a dignity untold.

The way of the Priesthood is special to God, for My Son was the First One, and He taught God’s Love through this way of life, to help mankind save his Soul.

And because God created man, there was a Sacrament made for the end of the physical time.  Keep this in mind, and be sure that you seek It when time comes to leave the world, for much Blessing comes in this Sacrament that is dear to God’s Heart.  Oh, My children, It is the last one.

And now I say to each child here: ‘God gave you The Rules to live by.  Do you remember Them?  Do you understand Them?’ And I say with a Mother’s Love, ‘Be sure you follow Them, for Those will bring you to His Kingdom Where I am.’ So many children learn just the words and do not know the meaning.  I will go through a few with you now, for you see, I care.

First of all: Do Not Have strange gods Before Me.  This is important, My children, for you see, so many men in the world are placing wrong things before God and they are using these things as a god.  There is but One God and He created thee.

Another one that He wants you to be aware of is: Honor Thy Father And Mother.  First of all, this means The Heavenly Father, then the earthly father.  Keep this in mind.  And so it is with Me and your earthly mother.  Now, this Commandment does not end here; it means obedience to authority.  There are many facets to this Great Commandment that man ignores.  You must look into it and it must be explained to each of thee.

Another one says: Do Not Steal.  And man says, ‘I do not steal.’ Sometimes you steal things you are unaware of.  You steal the dignity of others.  Oh yes, My children, this is stealing in a very special way.  I could go on and on with this.

Another one says: Do Not Kill.  Oh yes, you say, ‘I do not kill anyone.’ Sometimes you kill the will of another one.  Sometimes you kill in a way that is such sadness to God.  Do not take the word so literally.

Oh, My children, I have spoken much to you on this night and now I will leave, but before I do, I say to each child here: ‘Keep in mind My Holy Rosary.  It is a prayer to Me of great learning, it is a prayer to Me of great love.  Meditate on the Mysteries, for then you will learn History.’

I bless you with a Mother’s Love, and I touch your heart and I say, ‘Obey What I have said, respect all things you know are truth, and do not let any man cause you to stray from God’s Will.’  So be it.”

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