ON APRIL 25, 1972 AT 11:30 AM



I will tell you what I am seeing.  And for those of you who are here for the first time, I see with the Eyes of my Soul, not my physical eyes.  This is pure vision.

It’s Our Heavenly Mother and again She is appearing all in green.  This is the second time She has appeared to me this way.  The Crown on Her Head has hundreds of emeralds, faceted in such a way that they are shining, throwing a glow all around Her.  The trim on Her dress is gold, about this wide.  Her little Feet have gold sandals, like two straps.  She is standing on the world.

To Her right, my left, is Saint Joseph.  He’s in white and He’s appeared to me like this before.  And the trim on His garment is gold, green, purple and lavender, and the Crown on His Head is all rubies; and here again, there are so many facets that it’s just glowing all around Him.  And the light that is around Him is a reddish purple because of these, and it is accentuating His white.  And the green around Our Lady is accentuating Her dress.

Our Lord is centered.  He’s all in white and there are all diamonds in back of Him.  The diamonds are not diamonds as you and I know diamonds to be; they are the Souls that are to be saved through This Miracle of Hope.  The diamonds are increasing and He’s holding the light back from me, and the diamonds are going deeper in back of Him, and suddenly, they are increasing in light; they are blinding me, almost.

Our Lady is smiling.  Saint Joseph is smiling.  Our Lord is dimming the lights, for it is so beautiful my physical couldn’t take it, if it became more.  Our Lord is going to speak.


“The world must know of this Great Vision.  It has much meaning.  As We once appeared in a physical way as a Family, We are again appearing to the world in unity, in union with Each Other.  I have come to announce: ‘Through this child, We are prepared to teach the Wisdom of the Heavens, the Beauty of God’s Love, and the Purpose of the physical.’

Man has lost sight of the dignity for which the physical was created.  Through This Miracle of The Beloved Son Who was once My earthly Father, I intend to give mankind the strength that will be needed to spend Eternity Here in The Divine.  This Miracle has been designed by Us to give man Truth, to sustain man at such a horrible time in man’s life.

Many men who will deny Our Way will become lost, for they will allow pride, ego and the weakness of others to draw them away from the Truth that is here.  As it was one day, when I walked the earth in a physical way, men did not accept Truth.  I am warning you now:  a wise man prays.

All Heaven is prepared to participate in This Miracle that is for the whole world to learn from.  I have spoken, and I say, ‘You have learned.’ I will release this child slowly from the Vision for I have taken her to a degree, in My Power, and I cannot release her too quickly.”

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