ON APRIL 26, 1972 AT 1:29 PM


“My beloved children, when a child is born to the world, man says, ‘What a Beautiful Blessing.’ When someone leaves the world in the physical way, children shed tears and they say, ‘Oh, I will miss this child in many ways.’ And now I say to you on this day from a Heaven Where I am, ‘The birth of a child is a Great Blessing, and all men should understand that to leave the world should be another Blessing, for you see, you should be prepared to come This Way to Me.’

I am your Heavenly Father.  As I speak through this child, I speak with a Love you cannot know, and I speak with Direction and I say, ‘Many Lessons are being taught through this child in your day so you will understand My Way.’ Many children are rejecting This Great Miracle, for they say, ‘If I follow What It says, I will have to change my way.’ Perhaps this is true, if the child is walking the opposite direction of Me.  And I say now, ‘If you find a child walking this way, grab on to the hand, pull them back and say: “Listen well to the Truth that is being told.  Listen well to the Direction that is being given, and do not expect to change in a moment’s time, but give yourself space, time, and let yourself grow in God’s Way.”’

You know, My children, man does not expect Me to come to the earth and speak in such a simple way.  How else could I reach you?  If I were to stand in the sky, you would not learn anything, and some of you would not be more assured of My Existence, but I have designed This Miracle to come direct to you, and I say: ‘As the birth is a Blessing, leaving the world should be felt as a Blessing, for you see, I give you the physical way to grow deeply in love with Me.  You must use every moment of this time, you must use every word you say, and you must use every step you take to bring you My Way.’

I speak quickly through the child for there are many things to be done through This Miracle of Hope, This Miracle of Love.

I bless you and I say: ‘I am The First Part, The First One of The Holy Trinity, and I created you My Way.  I bless you with The Heart of My Son, and as I bless you with This Heart, it is to show you love in the form, in the way you understand; and I bless you with the Light of The Holy Ghost, so you will see, so you will feel, so you will know the Wisdom of What I have said.’  So be it.”

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