ON APRIL 27, 1972 AT 4:35 PM


“When man looks at This Miracle, he does not see It for what It truly is.  He sees a child walking in direct Command of God’s.  He sees a child in flesh and blood.  He sees a child obedient to a Will beyond hers.  He sees a child ready to please only Divine Way.

And now I say to you: ‘What man does not see is the crucifixion way.  What man does not see is the tolerance of man.  What man does not see is the blood that is shed through walking Divine Way.  What man does not see is submission totally of a human will to Divine Will.  What man does not see is a complete love, a desiring to perfect this love only God’s Way.  What man does not see is a desire for purity that must be.  What man does not see is the Goal of Sainthood.  What man does not see is that My Crucifixion is being redone in a different way; but this time, not by a Son, but by a daughter who walks totally for The Holy Trinity.’

I am The Son of The Father.  Children are calling My Name.  Not all children are meaning what they say.  Not all children are seeing the Beauty of My Way.  Not all children are seeing Where I truly stand in Heaven, for they are humanizing Me.  Not all children accept how I walked:  in dignity and in purity.  Not all children realized that the Wisdom that was sent through Me was The Father’s Wisdom.

And again it is happening in your time through a child such as thee.  The Wisdom that is being transmitted through her is Divine Wisdom, The Father’s Way, The Father’s Will, The Father’s Plan, to teach all men the Beauty of The Holy Trinity.

Men, at this moment, are fighting the way of this child.  Men, at this moment, are saying, ‘It could be true,’ and men, at this moment, are saying: ‘I don’t want It to be; I will have to change, and I will have to look to The Holy Trinity, whereas I am just used to looking at what I see, at what I know.’ And they call out My Name and they say, ‘Jesus’, but they do not know the Beauty of this Name, the Reality of this Name nor the Purpose of this Name.  All they know is that they are communicating with the human Me.

I am sorry, My children, I am no longer human.  I do not want children just to see Me in a human way.  I am The Son of The Divine.  I am The Sacred Heart.  I am The One Who is the Connection between you and God.  Can you not see this?  Many theologians are standing back, devising many ideas to bring Me to mankind, and I say to them on this day, through this child, ‘Be sure that you include The Whole Trinity.’

I bless you, My children, with God’s Love and I bless you with My Heart, and I say: ‘The Light you receive is the Wisdom from God.  The Light you receive is Heaven’s Will through a child such as thee.’  So be it.”

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