ON MAY 2, 1972 AT 7:40 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, as each of you sit, as each of you stand in this Presence now, I, Saint Margaret Mary, speak to you and say, ‘You could not sit, you could not stand, you could not think, you could not speak, you could not love, if your heart did not act as it does.’

You connect many things with your heart.  You connect love with your heart, you connect fear, and you say, ‘I do not want to become frightened for it will affect my heart.’ Oh, My children, let Me say this to you now, ‘Use your heart to serve God, use your heart to show Him love, use your heart to do all the things He Wills for you to do.’

As this child spoke to you, she spoke Our Words, for We injected Our Thoughts through her to you.

This Great Hill of Hope must come about, for as it has been said before, ‘You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.’ You live in a time of great heresy.  You live in a time of great distortion.  You live in a time of great weakness.  You live in a time of much promiscuity.  You live in a time where man says, ‘Cater to your physical and enjoy yourselves.’

I speak to you now and I speak from a Realm of Heaven, and I say, ‘Do not take chances with your Soul any day, but use your heart for the means it was made:  to serve God, to love God, and yes, to live in the physical, so one day you will live in the Spiritual, so one day you will spend Eternity with Him.’ If you have a sorrow, place it in His Hands; if you have a fear, place it in His Hands, and offer your heart to Him.

I spent many times with His Heart, and as I speak to you now, I say, ‘It will pay dividends,’ for each child in My Presence here now should be a Saint.  Each child here, at the moment of conception, God had in mind that you would be a Saint.  Only your will, will tear you away.  Only your weakness will allow you to stray.

I bless you with God’s Love, and I say, ‘Use your heart His Way, offer it up every day, and be conscious of why it was given to you that one day.’  So be it.”

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