ON MAY 2, 1972 AT 7:59 PM


“Keep this in mind, My children:  When tension mounts, it is easy for evil to come in.  Where there is anger, it is easy for evil to come in.  Where there is fear, it is easy for evil to enter.  So what I say to you on this night, ‘Protect yourself in every way, protect your physical, protect your mental, and protect your Spiritual.’ I say, ‘Relax the physical, control the mental and enjoy the Spiritual.’

I am Saint Dymphna.  As I speak to you through this child, I say, ‘So many children allow themselves nervous disorders; this, in many ways, is wrong.’ Have strength, My children, and pray.  Pray for the strength to stay strong, physically, mentally, spiritually.  Do not allow yourselves to become so involved with all things that you are destroyed by the weakness that you feel, that is shown to you.

And now, as I have given you This Message, I say to each child here: ‘Pray for strength, you will receive it.  Pray for courage, you will get it.  Pray that God will always hold your hand, and I assure you He will never let go.  Pray that as He holds your hand, you will have enough love within you to follow His Plan.’

I bless you and I say: ‘It is a special night for you children here today, for many of you will gain courage through this night.  Many of you will gain strength, for the Words that have been given to you will do it, if you follow Them through.’  So be it.”

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