ON MAY 10, 1972 AT 7:56 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Therese.  You call Me ‘The Little Flower’.  Whenever a child seeks My aid, My help in this way, saying to Me, ‘Oh, Little Flower, help me today,’ I respond in a loving way, for it is a term, a name that I hold dear; for the Little Way was My way to Here.

So many children are seeking great experiences, great emotionalism, God’s Way.  This is foolish thinking, My children, for you see, to be quiet in a room, to pray to God with your heart, with your mind, with your whole being, is a beautiful experience in your time and in your day.  Do not ask God to show you a sign in the sky, but continually tell Him that to show your love for Him, you will serve in a special little way.  Do not ask God to constantly show you, but it is a beautiful way to walk when you decide to show God your love for Him.  There is a joy in this, there is a tranquillity in this, and there is a peace in this.

Oh, My children, I walked the Little Way, always eager to serve God in some way.  I know that there have been many stories written about the way I walked.  Some, of course, have been exaggerated; nonetheless, I did walk a very easy little way.

Picture your life as gathering flowers to put at the Feet of God one day.  If you walk this way, you will find a beautiful path to Here, and you will be so interested in picking the flowers that you will wipe fear away.

Right now, in the world there are so many men causing others fear.  If the victim of these men were to walk the Little Way to Here, to pick flowers when temptation or danger appeared, there would be a much happier way of life for them; for, you see, I say to you on this night, ‘Become so busy picking flowers, serving God, that you will see only His Light.’

I bless you with a rose and I say, ‘It is one of the most beautiful flowers of your day, and as you leave this dwelling on this night, I will hand you the rose that I blessed you with, to start your bouquet for you to bring one day to the Feet of God, when He is in your physical sight.’  So be it.”

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