ON MAY 12, 1972 AT 7:35 PM


“My beloved children, while the child was speaking to you, many of the Words were Mine, for in her entrance to help you, The Divine is truly present.  I am Saint Dominic.  I will be present in one of the coves on this Great Hill of Hope dedicated to The Beloved Saint Joseph.

Men will learn the Beauty of the Holy Rosary and men will see It for Its True Worth.  All The Saints Here in Heaven have come forward to perpetuate This Great Miracle of Love.

Many years ago This Miracle was designed by The Holy Trinity and It has been talked about much Here in the Heavens Where We are.  When it was decided as to what time It would come to the world, God asked Each Saint to help in all things.  There was not One of Us Who was not happy to participate in The Greatest Miracle that man could have, that is bearing the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph.

On this night there are many children laying their heads down in illness and in love, but they are saying, ‘What will happen to me?’ And somewhere, somehow, a sign of hope lights the way and gives them a new feeling for the day.

So it is with this Hill of Hope, for as you enter on these grounds you will feel hope for all time.  You will feel a new feeling within your being, and that, My children, will be Grace, for those who enter in this place, they will gain the Grace because of their Faith in God’s Way of doing things.

As children cross the bridge into this Great Area of Love designed by God Above, they will feel a change in pace.  They will once again have before them Bible History, and as they learn, once again, about the past days, God will show each man the Beauty and the Purpose of His Way.

I, Saint Dominic, bless each child here and I say: ‘Teach others What I have taught you tonight.  Pass the Words of Mine on to them, for you see, as you do, you will give hope, and you will have the way to help others come This Way.’

I bless you with God’s Love and I bless each child here with the Crucifix of His day, of His Way, and I say, ‘Let the Light of this Crucifix light your way to Here.’  So be it for now.”

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