ON MAY 12, 1972 AT 7:46 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, oftentimes I come through this child with a Great Message for mankind.  The Father has sent Me to the world through her to alert you to the trouble all around.  I am Saint Peter.

Many times, when we walked with The Son, there were many obstacles that had to be won.  There were many things that occurred to delay us, and yes, even betray us, but we joined together in many ways and we formed a guard around Him, and we said, ‘God’s Will be done; His Words must be heard, for the Wisdom that He teaches will save man.’

Oh, My children, right now in the time in which you live, this time is in many ways similar to the time where we lived, when we lived, for you see, once again The Father is sending to the world the Wisdom of The Holy Trinity.  Through this child, many men will turn to God.  It must be.

You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Heaven has repeated this many times and in many ways.  I, Saint Peter, say to you on this night: ‘Be sure you pray, for the heresy that is all around, it must be done away with.  The world must come once again to see God as He truly Is.’

The evil one is planning to grow in such a way that he will diminish the Church The Son did begin one day.  You, in your way, must stand up for truth and must fight the heresy that is all untruth.

My children, be aware of the disaster that is everywhere, and be sure that you pray and that you offer God each day, for when you do this He will answer your way, He will help you, and yes, He will show you what He wants of you.

Keep in mind that the evil one is out to be equal to God.  It cannot be.  It shall never be.  Do not be caught up in his web, for he stretches his arms out to each of you, through those you love, through those you know, and through those who you are yet to meet.

I bless you with God’s Love and I bless you with Wisdom.  I bless you with Light, and I say: ‘Follow My Words.  Listen well to the meaning of Them, and do not betray God’s Love for you.’  So be it.”

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