ON MAY 12, 1972 AT 7:55 PM



I will tell you what I am seeing.  It’s Our Lord.  He is not in a white garment; it is a wheat-colored, and He’s standing behind a bush, but I have never seen this type of bush before.  It has thorns.  The leaves are sparse and yet the woody part of it seems thick.  And now, suddenly, there are several of these bushes all around Him.

As He turns to the right, the thorns tear His garment, about this long (gesture of hands).  And now He moves the other way and He is torn at the waistline.  And the weave of His garment is a very heavy weave.

I would call the belt — He smiles — the sash is about this thick (gesture of hands), and it’s striped.  And each place He turns, He tears His garment.  It does not touch His Skin.

And suddenly, He’s in the midst of, I would say, hundreds of these, I would call them “ugly bushes”, and He tells me not to come in.  I want to because I know He will be hurt eventually, and He smiles at this and He says: “Child, stay where you are.  Do not attempt this far.  Do not even attempt to pass the first bush.” So I will wait out here for now.

And suddenly He rises above the bushes and it’s as if He is walking across the bushes, but He’s not floating and He’s not walking, and He says:


“Only I have the Power to escape these horrible patches of thorns that give scratches.  No man could enter and not be hurt, for the branches are ugly, pointed, and are too numerous.

Many men are carelessly walking into places such as this.  They are overconfident in the human way, and they say, ‘I will not get scratched,’ but this is not true, My children, in your day or in any day, for you see, the bushes that the child does see are temptation that satan places there for thee.  Your littleness, your weakness, sometimes is not strong enough to escape what could be, and that is one of the reasons We have sent to the world This Great Miracle, governed by The Holy Trinity, to help you avoid these places, to help you be alerted to the danger therein.

Now, let Me tell you what some of these bushes are for you:  One, My children, is temptation of the senses.  One, My children, is your desire to find Us in unknown places.  Another one is for you to follow false gods, hoping to gain pleasure; hoping to, in some way, feel the Power that We are.  These bushes must always be remembered by you as natural things to you, and yet, We Here in the Heavens see them as sin, as weakness, as satan’s desire for you.

If there is the slightest bit of doubt within your mind about a particular place, a particular person, a particular thing, pray before you subject yourself to it, and, My children, I suggest to you The Holy Eucharist, for This is The Ultimate Gift from Us to you.  If, at times, This is not convenient for you, please, My children, have on your person the Beads of The Heavenly Mother and they will protect you.  Children are not being taught the power of these Beads, the hope these Beads are, but on this night I tell it to you.

Children, you were born of The Father’s Love, each of you, and at the moment of conception He gave you a will, and at this time it was His Love, His Hope, His Desire, that through this privilege of life, this privilege of your will, you would do all things to love Him, to serve Him, and to return to Him one day.  And now I ask you on this night, ‘Have you thought about this?’ Some of you have not.  During the day, do you think about the Spiritual life?  Do you think about Sainthood in any way?  Most of you will have to say, ‘No, my God, I do not.’

We have given to the world a Great Miracle.  At one time I walked the earth in a physical way.  This time, the Son, Who was My earthly Father, walks the world once again, this time through a child such as you; and through This Miracle, the Wisdom of Our Way is taught to you.  Do not reject the Teaching.  Do not ignore the Beauty of this way and do not forget the Purpose of the physical life that was designed by God one day.

I warn you once again, ‘Do not take chances, for all men do not care about your Soul, and you must be cautious of this Great Gift from God, for This Part of you will be the first to return to Him one day.’

I bless you with God’s Love, I bless you with My Heart, and I bless you with the Light that Our Love truly imparts.  So be it.”

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