ON MAY 17, 1972 AT 2:16 PM


“My children, I have spoken many times through this child.  I have never before given My Name, but on this day I do.  I am Saint Irenaeus.

Sometimes, when the child is unfamiliar with a term, with a Name, she questions Heaven.  It is always smiled upon, because from the beginning she is and has been fully conscious of the evil that could enter in.  Her strict desire, her firm stand that only things of perfect knowledge would be released, has been allowed by God, for it is a Protection, and has been for This Great Miracle among men.

Many men would pronounce My Name differently.  I smile and say, ‘It is not the pronunciation of My Name that places the Importance on the Message I have come to say, but the Content of What I am about to reveal.’

Children have been given Commandments to live by, to keep them and their attention on God’s Path, God’s Will, God’s Way.  Children have been given virtues, and so many have distorted these things.  Man must once again begin to see the beauty of virtues and the dignity and the role they play.

So many men are diminishing the beloved Sacraments, for man is saying: ‘They are not for now.  They are not as important as they used to be.’ I say that man must once again begin to see the Beauty of the beloved Sacraments, for each one has a great purpose, and each one should be honored by man.

Satan is trying to diminish each Sacrament.  He has attacked solidly the Sacrament of Holy Orders.  He has attacked the Sacrament of Marriage.  He has attacked the Sacrament of The Holy Eucharist.  He has attacked the Sacrament of Penance.  He has attacked the Sacrament of Baptism.  He has attacked, in a way, the Sacrament at the end of the physical life, Extreme Unction.  He has attacked the Sacrament of Confirming; this Sacrament he has attacked in the most minute way.

When you leave this dwelling on this day, I ask each child here in My Presence now to be aware of What I did say, and in your awareness, be conscious of the Magnitude of the Ten Commandments, of the Sacraments, of the virtues, God gave to you.  So be it.”

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