ON MAY 17, 1972 AT 8:08 PM


8:08 P.M.


“I have appeared in many places of this great world The Father has created.  In each Appearance, I have beseeched children to say special prayers for special reasons.

You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  God is giving you and all mankind a chance to see the Truth, a way to know it, and God is expecting much of you, for as This Great Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, Who was My earthly Spouse, is upon the earth, It is there to help each of you. This child through whom I speak is as you.  There are many facets to This Great Miracle of Hope.

My children, the evil one, God’s enemy, is trying to get hold of you.  He is trying all means to snatch your Soul from God and he is trying to attract your attention every way he can.

As it was said to you, ‘You are a Trinity,’ do not forget this.  Your Soul is to you as The Father is to The Trinity, The Ultimate.  Your body is to you as The Son is to The Trinity, the human form, the physical.  Your Guardian Angel is to you as The Holy Ghost is to The Trinity, The Guardian, The Light, The Way.

Oh, My little ones, stay close to Me, and when you are in fear, when you are in agony, cling to My Knees.  I cannot push you aside.  I cannot ignore your cries, for you see, God has given you to Me.

This Miracle has been given to the world to give man hope.  Hope is the only thing the beloved poor Souls in Purgatory have.  God is giving you hope, for you see, He wants you now to change your ways and to grow in love with Him.

There is so much access to sin.  There are men all around, encouraging others to be sinful and to draw you in.  Please, on this night, promise Me and promise yourself that you will not allow others to touch you.  When you grow in this way, you will be stronger than you know strength to be, you will have courage beyond your knowledge, and you will have Love that nothing on earth can compare with.

I truly am your Heavenly Mother, and as I stand Here I cherish each child born to the world; I cherish your love.

Oh, My children, on this night certain men are stopping the birth of certain little ones.  This is a terrible sight from Where I stand.  I am, in many ways, beseeching these children who are ready to take a life, to please think twice, but they did not grow in love with God so they are more concerned with the physical way.

This Miracle has been given to the world, to all mankind, to give mankind the order of things.  First, God must be considered above all things.  His Will must be considered.  His Commandments must be obeyed, and yes, children must understand that there is a Place for the Soul:  a Place of Beauty, a Place of Purpose, a Place of Truth.

I hold this child firm, for you see, I prepare the way for The Heart to speak today.”

8:16 P.M.


“We have given you, firsthand, Our Love, Our Truth, Our Direction.  Are you about to reject It or will you be wise and accept It?

The child who is before you has accepted the responsibility for the Souls of men.  I will take you back to a time when I did walk the land.  The Wisdom that I taught was not just for those close to Me, but for the multitudes who would gather to hear the Words through Me.  It was necessary that once again this Teaching occur for men, and so it is being done in your time and in a way you can well understand.

I ask each one here now:  If you stood at the time of the Crucifixion, would you shout as those who were torturing Me, or would you be frightened and remain silenced as so many did?  Would your tears be for Me, or for the physical reaction you felt about such things?  Along the path, I was human enough to want men to stand up for Me, even though I did know that they could not stop this terrible thing.

I hold the child now within the area of My Heart, a place where she has often been, for through this, I give her strength to carry on again.

Men are trying to diminish Our Way.  Men are trying to say that the Physical1 We are allowing each man each day is not, in truth, truly Us, only a symbol of Our Way.  Never have We given man a substitute.  Never has The Father tricked men.  There are so few children in the world who are willing to accept the responsibility of fighting, of standing up for truth.

On this night, through this child, I ask each of you to fight the heresy in your day, and do not let any man weaken your love this way.  Ask yourselves:  How much are you willing to give?  Ask yourselves:  How much are you willing to sacrifice to help yourself and other men?  Ask yourself what you place most importance on:  the physical, or the Purpose of your life, Sainthood?  So few men are in knowledge of the Purpose of life.  You are given the chance, the privilege, to become a Saint.  Let your vocation in life be directed toward this Goal.

I hold the child deeply, lovingly, and understandingly.  The sacrifice she makes is for you.  This Time in the world is to give man Our Truth.  A great sign in the sky would not comfort you.  It would not teach you.  It would not give you something to cling to.  So, This Great Miracle is serving a great purpose for each of you.

I will release the child slowly, but before I do, I will bless each one of you in a special way, with a Special Power unknown to you:  I raise My Hand over your head, over your heart, and I give you The Father’s Love; and now I touch you with My Heart, and now I cross you with The Light.  It is Our Will that you will always stay within this Light from now on.  So be it.”

1  Physical refers to The Holy Eucharist

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