ON MAY 19, 1972 AT 11:45 AM


“My children, I am Saint John Vianney.  There were many times that I, in my weakness, desired to walk away from man.  There were many times when the burden of man’s sins, man’s weakness, became too much for my littleness, and I would cry out to God, ‘Let me walk away, let me run from them.’ Now, as I look back, I see in pure vision, the reasons He made me stop, think, stay, work, and grow in love with Him.

As I stand Here in the Heavens Where I am, I come through this child to encourage each one here to follow God’s Love unselfishly, and yes, in an obedient way.  Do not allow yourself to walk to the other path, for you see, the evil one enjoys those who stray.

Oh, My children, God did not create you and say, ‘Do not enjoy all of My other creations,’ but what He does say is, ‘Obey The Commandments I gave and look for the beauty of the physical way; and keep in mind that Reward is for you when you walk a physical road governed by Me.’ Oh, My children, Sainthood waits for you.  Do not deny your Soul this Beautiful Way.  There is All Peace, All Tranquillity, All Love Here.  There is no need for hope, for We have attained The Ultimate Way.

Hope is being given to the world by The Beloved Father now.  There is a Great Hill planned for your day.  Upon this Hill God has put all things.  He is giving man all, in Grace to him.  Keep this in mind.  There are many, many men, eager and ready to place obstacles in the way of this Hill, but these men are pawns of the evil one.  Some are not in knowledge of being a pawn, but they have allowed their weakness to control them.

I say to you now, My little ones, ‘Pray that man does not allow weakness to stand in the way, for God has opened His Arms, God is giving the world Hope through The Beloved Saint Joseph in your day.’ Please, My children, pray that His Will be done in your day.  So be it.”

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