ON MAY 19, 1972 AT 11:56 AM


“My children, All Heaven enjoys This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph.  When We have the privilege of being used by God to reach you, it is a joy to Us to be able to pass on to you the Beauty of the way to Heaven.

As you know, My way was called ‘The Little Way’.  My way was not always busy.  My way was a way of doing little acts of love for Him Who was Above.  There were many times that I did not want to do a particular task, and I will say to you, ‘I knew by offering it to Him it would become less tedious for me.’ So, I guess you could say I was selfish in my own little way.  But remember this, as these tasks multiplied, I began to understand the Beauty of His Way; also, My children, then I was better able to cope with the big things that came as obstacles, as fears, as hurt.

So I pass this on to you, on this day in your time: ‘Work a little at a time.  Do one thing at a time His Way, so one day you will feel the need and the desire to do the big things He will ask of you in His Way.’

I bless you with God’s Love and I say: ‘I hand you a rose.  I hand you a little gift.  He has waiting for you the Ultimate Gift, Sainthood.’  So be it.”

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