ON MAY 19, 1972 AT 12:02 PM


“My children, I am Saint Rita, and I come through this child to give you God’s Love.  There are Many Saints Here in the Heavens Who walked in a special way, Who walked desiring to do God’s Will, God’s Way.

Many men do not realize that through the Sacrament of Marriage, through the vocation of the marriage way, man can grow in love with God in a special way.  Man sometimes feels that there is no Grace to walking in this way.

Oh, My children, I walked the marriage way, and then when all things this way were taken from me, I walked another way.  But it was through the marriage state I learned to love God in a special way.  I learned to accept obstacles and trouble.

Oh, My children, use the vocation of your way, use each moment every day to seek God’s Love in His Way.  I bless you and I say: ‘The Wound that I suffered one day has been Glorified by God in a Beautiful Way.  Let the wounds you suffer, no matter what they are, be offered to Him, and you will one day wear them in a Glow, special in His Way.’  So be it.”

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