ON MAY 19, 1972 AT 12:05 PM


“My children, you have come forward to hear The Saints speak.  You have come forward to learn more about God, and you have come forward, some of you to criticize, and some to accept All that We did say.

There was a day when I walked the earth and many girls would stand before me.  Some would be in a critical way and some would say, ‘Oh, beloved mother, help me today.’ They would have compassion for others and they would be humble in their way.  I stood before them, but each child, no matter what type of child it was, I would ask God’s Help in her way.

And now I say to you, ‘Be conscious of the others, but pray to God for help for them.’ Do not always feel that you are capable of helping them alone, for you see, only God knows what is in their heart, and only God knows what will, should be accomplished in their way.  You see, many children walk very strong-willed, and many children want only their will to be done, but when you pray, God will see that His Will be done for the child who stands before you, who stands in your way.

I bless you and I say: ‘Others will speak.  Many have taught.  You must know that God loves you on this day.’  So be it.”

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