ON MAY 19, 1972 AT 12:11 PM


“My children, We have come in much force today, for there is a great need in your time to hear The Saints speak.  There is a great need for man to return to the Beauty of God’s Way.  There is a great need for man to see God’s Truth in things close to him.  I am Saint Catherine of Laboure.

As I hold this child tight, I speak to you with God’s Light.  I teach you how to pray, and I teach you the right way.  So many children are praying the wrong way.  They are praying out of self-love.  They are racing through the words to God Who is Above.  Children must be taught to pray with devotion.  Children must learn to say the words with love.  Children must learn that to pray can be done in many ways.  Children must see the beauty of prayer in every day.  Children must acknowledge that to pray is communication with God in a special way.

So little emphasis is put on prayer.  Some men have latched onto the idea that prayer must be long hours of meditation.  This, My children, can be used by satan, for a child who wanders off in a prayerful way cannot concentrate that continuously any day, so children must be taught that they can pray words of love, and it must be done in a devout way.  Then children must be taught that their actions are prayers to God in a special way.  Children must be taught that sacrifice is a great prayer to God.  Children must be taught that obedience is a prayer to God.  Children must be taught that trusting in God’s Way, God’s Rules, is a prayer to God.

Children must be shown by example, the beauty of the physical way, and they must be taught modesty and purity, kindness, gentleness, firmness, courage and strength.  All these can be prayers to God.  Children must be shown the beauty of the little way, so that when they are faced with big things to conquer, they will have the strength to do it God’s Way, for through the true interpretation of prayer, children will grow in a great way, God’s Way.  There are so many things that can be accomplished through prayer.

I, Saint Catherine of Laboure, say to you on this day: ‘As you leave, pray.  As you walk, let it be a prayer.  As you talk, let that, too, be a prayer.  As you play, let it be a prayer to God in thanksgiving for the Act of Love He gives you in a special way.’

I bless you with God’s Love, and I say: ‘The Blessings you have received on this day are more than you can know.  Be sure, My children, you offer a prayer of thanksgiving for today.’  So be it.”

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