ON MAY 22, 1972 AT 9:25 AM


“My beloved son, My beloved daughters, this is a rare happening in the world of man.  Children have prayed centuries for this to occur, and no man expected it to be quite like this.

I am a Saint few men know, but God has permitted Me to come through this child at this moment, to give Direction in This Great Miracle of Hope.  I am Saint Martin de Porres.

All Who speak through this child, speak with the Love God has for His Creations.  All Who speak, speak with the desire that all who hear will strive for Sainthood which is Here.  Through this child All Heaven comes in a moment’s notice to speak the Wisdom of The Holy Trinity.  In the time I lived upon the earth, I did not have such a Blessing as is among you.  There are so many Lessons to be learned through this child who stands in Total Truth.

The world is now learning about The Beloved Saint Joseph.  There has been little known of His Way, for you see, it was important that He stay in the background, for The Son of The Holy Trinity was to be seen for the Great Part He played in the Salvation for man.  The Beloved Mother Who walked with The Beloved Joseph was the next in line to be seen.  Now God has Decreed The Time in which you live for This Great Saint to be heard, to be seen, to be honored, to be revered, to be loved, by all men.  His walk upon the earth was strict obedience to God’s Will.  His walk was as other men:  many tasks, the Guardian of a Wife and Child, the Provider of the human way and source.  Upon His physical death, He was held in the Arms of His Son and He felt His work was not yet done.  As The Son smiled into His Face, He said, ‘Father, Son, Your work has just begun.’

Man has not waited hundreds of years for the results of This Statement, for The Beloved Saint Joseph has worked constantly under God’s Will, doing God’s Will all this time, but This Announcement of His Name brings His Work, His Path, His Way, His Love, out in the open for all men to understand the Beauty of humility and the Purpose of the physical way.

There are so many things that have been revealed through this child who walks in a total human way.  I say this, for you see, man would find it difficult to understand that her whole being is governed by The Divine, and Each Word she does say is governed also by The Holy Trinity.

Some men, in eagerness to learn God’s Truth, God’s Way, stand by and try to analyze This Great Miracle that has been placed upon the earth to save countless Souls.  No man can analyze This Great Miracle.  No man can understand the obedience the child stands in, for no man understood the obedience that The Beloved Joseph walked in.  So it is again in the world.  Obedience cannot always be understood, for true obedience to God’s Way cannot be seen, in the magnitude it is, by mankind.

It is a privilege in Sainthood to work through a Miracle of This Kind, for you see, Our Aim, Our Desire, is to please Our Beloved God, and this is such a direct, open way, when We come through this child any day.  For man to honor Our Name and Our Way is good, for it alerts man to Sainthood, but for Us to be able to speak in a direct, revealing, teaching way, is a beauty unknown to man.  This Great Miracle must be held in open fields, for you see, there is so much Teaching, so much Love, so much Direction to be given to countless children.

Man remembers reading about ‘a sacrificial lamb’.  Again God sends one to the world.  It is not always easy for the sacrifice to bend, but in due time the love the child has for Him will overshadow the human feeling within.

I will leave, for there will be Many Who will come to encourage this child and to give her strength for what must be.  I bless the lamb, I encourage the sacrifice, and I alert you to the Will of The Holy Trinity.  So be it.”

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