ON MAY 22, 1972 AT 1:07 PM


“My children, children travel great distances for many reasons:  some for a way of vocation, some for enjoyment, some just to do certain things likable to them; and now, upon a Great Hill will stand a child and she will gather children from all over the world.  They will travel.  I am Saint Christopher.

Many, many children do not understand that to travel in any manner, in any land, they must ask for protection, for you see, the evil one, God’s enemy, sometimes uses this time to attack in an ugly way and in a sad way.  I will speak slower. The child is weary.

Some children take flight and they move quickly, and in this move they do not use caution or precaution, and then, I say, ‘It is wise when you act this way:  to call upon The Saints, to call upon The Holy Trinity, to help you, to guard you, and to guide you in a special way.’

Children will begin to climb the Hill, and Many Saints will be standing upon this Hill, guarding them, guiding them, directing them; and then, when they reach the designated spot, there will be Many there Who will speak a lot.  I will be One of Them, and now that I have spoken to you, I say, ‘I bless you with God’s Love, for The Miracle of Hope is on Its way.’  So be it.”

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