ON MAY 22, 1972 AT 8:21 PM


“I will speak mainly to the daughters in the room.  I am Saint Martha.

There are many things to be learned through This Great Miracle of Love, of Hope.  So many children are standing on the sidelines, looking in and discussing the validity of God’s Will, God’s Way, in performing in this manner in your day.

I say to you now, ‘As you walk as woman, you must learn to pray, and you must teach others the beauty of modesty and purity, for it is loved by The Heavenly Mother in all days and in all ways.’

There are so many men who are striving to tear down the beauty of womanhood.  I say to you on this night, with Great Love for The Holy Trinity, ‘You must stand up for all things that are truth and you must stand up for all things that please The Heavenly Mother.’

I ask you, My daughters, to be assured and to assure others that the way you must walk is to follow Her Path, Her Way, with love.  So be it.”

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