ON MAY 22, 1972 AT 8:30 PM


“I am Saint Catherine of Siena.  I speak to a gathering of children to help them become a Saint.

There is much heresy all around and satan has devised a plan, a great one in size, to tear down God’s Love.  Satan has introduced in a big way, promiscuity, homosexuality, communism, cults, false prophets, and his own great movement bearing his name.  He is trying desperately for his followers to equal in number the followers of The Son of God.

Many whom you meet in work and play follow the evil one every day.  They do not advertise it to you, but watch out, My children, for your Soul, for he is out to gather what God wants from each of you.

I, too, had to stand strong and staunch against the evil of My day.  It is sad to be this lonely in a world so filled with men, but God must use a sacrificial lamb to save Souls.  He gave His Son in this way, and since that time He has asked others to stand in such Solid Truth, a Way of Wisdom, that even the ignorant would be able to follow through.

Man has put much emphasis on book learning.  Man has put much love on acclaim from man.  Man has distorted Truth to please himself.  You live in a time where much evil is all around and God has given you a Miracle to help you.

Ask yourself on this night:  How much do you do to please God?  Some of you are not sure.  Some of you must admit, ‘Just a little.’ Some of you might say, ‘I feel I do a lot.’ I say to you now, ‘Do you do it your way or God’s?’ There is a difference, My little ones.  Keep this in mind.

You have been Blessed by many Words on this night, more than you know.  More Direction has been given than you can absorb, but as it is with all mankind, God says, ‘Take what you know you can handle; use It well and follow through.’

I, Saint Catherine, bless you and I say: ‘All Heaven comes forward through this child each day.  It is to save Souls, to give man God’s Love direct.’ I bless you with God’s Love.  So be it.”

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