ON MAY 23, 1972 AT 12:26 PM


“I am Saint Xavier.  I have come oftentimes through this child, and one time I announced Myself as Saint Francis, and she immediately thought It was the Other One loved so by God.

Oh, My children, be conscious of the Soul, and the life and the love and the purpose and the truth, and the need for obedience, and the beauty of penance; and keep in mind, that when God made you, He made you to His Likeness.  He, also, in the making of you, gave you Rules to live by, for He wanted you to return to Him, oh yes, in a beautiful way, and I might add:  immediately, when the physical ended.

There are many children who do not know of My way, and now I say, ‘More must be learned about the natural way We walked in the human way, so you see, children will better understand the Purpose of life.’

I leave now, but as I do, I bless you with a Truth you cannot know, for The Miracle is on the Winds of God’s Power, and you are in the Wind that surrounds you:  the Wind of The Holy Ghost, the Wind that is Pure, that only leads men to God.”

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