ON MAY 23, 1972 AT 12:28 PM


“My children, I am Saint Philip, and as I speak through this child, many children know My Name in a casual way.  They know that I gained Sainthood because man told them that I did.  But now I come to you and to others in a personal way, for you see, All Heaven is eager to please The Holy Trinity, and This Miracle has been set forth upon the earth to teach man God’s Way and to give man God’s Grace.

There are so many children standing on the rim of This Miracle, afraid to take a chance, afraid to participate, afraid they will be drawn into the web, and God stands over them and says: ‘Allow yourself this chance.  Do not stand on the outside looking in, for you will never gain certain Grace.  Have Faith, My children, and know that This Way would be My Plan.’

Oh, My children, you are fortunate, and as you know, each thing you do should be offered up for God Who distributes all things, and for God Who places all acts of love in the correct place.

I love you, for He loves you, and I bless you with His Grace.”

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